Prediction Friday – Michigan

Welcome to the first of many prediction Fridays! This week the ‘Cats have one of their toughest tests to date at Michigan Stadium, and we’re all anxious to see if they can do it for the city and do it for the fans… to ball like Colter boy you gotta do the dance…


Game Projection: Despite the dynamic players on both teams, Saturday’s game will likely be won in the trenches. Michigan’s defensive line will prove to be too much for the ‘Cats as they will struggle to get the running game going. As a result, McCall will likely call more on Siemian once again and the lack of fluidity will doom the ‘Cats. Hope I’m wrong.

Score: 31 – 17 Michigan

Game Highlight: Venric Mark punt return TD


Game Projection: NU takes advantage of a middling run defense and is able to put up points early. Our offense hits a wall and Michigan has a chance for a last minute comeback, however, the ‘Cats are able to seal the deal with an INT.

Score: 24 – 21 NU

Game Highlight: Venric Mark 50+ yard run


Game Projection: Both teams will utilize their biggest assets – mobile quarterbacks and run game – to pound the rock both up the gut and on the option. Northwestern jumps out to a lead behind the dynamic duo of Venric Mark and Theodis Colter, but the Cats fade down the stretch. The defense gets tired and can’t get off the field in the fourth quarter, setting up a Michigan comeback. Denard “Nard-Dog” Robinson comes through late with a long run to set up a Michigan FG for the win.

Score: 20-17 Michigan

Game Highlight: Ibraheim Campbell Pick-6


Game Projection: Venric Mark hits a big hole for an early long run to set up a Kain Colter touchdown. Michigan answers with a TD, and the teams head into halftime with NU leading 17-14. Kain passes(!) for two(!) scores in the second half, but the 4th quarter happens again, and Michigan gets 21 points in three straight possessions. Northwestern’s final drive stalls at the Michigan 30, and the ‘Cats head to East Lansing at 7-3.

Score: 35-31 Michigan. (I’ve been flip-flopping all week on this. I’ll feel great about this game, then the next hour I’ll dread it. I wrote this during the latter)

Game Highlight: Colter to Tony Jones for 75 yards and a TD early in the 3rd Quarter

Thats 3-1 Mich over NU… Let’s hope I’m the genius of the bunch… Just a reminder that last time we were at the Big House, the ‘Cats pulled out a 21-14 W.

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