Wooing a Better ‘Cats Bowl Bid via Twitter

Ah, what wonderful things the birth of social media has allowed us to do. We’ve discovered a great new use for it, and that is harassing bowl games and letting them know that we think the ‘Cats will travel well. This was all spawned from an article saying that the Gator Bowl didn’t want Northwestern. Let’s take a look at some highlights from our tweeting at bowl games. We’ll go in order of bowl selection…

Capital One Bowl:

The Capital One Bowl twitter account is run by an enjoyable follow. And, he’s a Northwestern Alum! There is actually a scenario where NU could basically be guaranteed a bid to this bowl, but that’s a discussion for another time and place.

Outback Bowl:

Let me just say, the Outback bowl was maybe the most exciting sporting event I’ve ever witnessed. I had a great time in Tampa (where there are the best titty bars in the nation according to Stevie Janowski) and would love to go back to Raymond James on New Years. They didn’t give us any love, but here’s our tweet anyway.

Gator Bowl:

We kind of went crazy and started tweeting at every bowl game we could think of… One bowl caught on.

Also there seemed to be a good amount of confusion on the Wildcat message boards regarding who picks first, Gator or BWW. Here is the answer:

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl:

The BWW Bowl doesn’t have a Twitter account… What year is this 1995? (I wish, because then we would be going to the Rose Bowl)

Ticket Shitty Bowl:

Intentional misspelling. But seriously, when the ‘Cats went to the Ticket City Bowl the stadium was EMPTY and Dallas just isn’t all that cool.

Little Caesar’s Bowl:

Just a note, the West Lot Warriors are this bowl’s ONLY follower.

Orange Bowl:

And just because were feeling optimistic, we gave a shout out to our friends in Miami about the ‘Cats heading to the Orange Bowl. Could it happen? Theoretically, yes. Will it happen? Certainly not. It’s fun to dream though.

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