Roger’s Take on All-B1G

We got the shaft:

First off, Mark should have made 1st team in at least one (coaches or media). He’s the best RB in the B1G in my opinion. Sorry Montee Ball, plowing behind 330lb first round offensive linemen your whole career doesn’t impress me and it doesn’t impress anyone outside the B1G. You’d never see the field at NU with that style. Also, how the hell did Budzien only make 1st team in one? The dude missed one fg and no extra points. The fg he missed was from 53 yards and he missed it by a foot.

Mulroe got a 2nd team shoutout in media (well deserved) but didn’t even get an honorable mention in coaches. Campbell got an HM in Coaches and Chi Chi and HM in Media. (ED Note: I misread that… there are more HM’s than I noted. Hard to read the way they showed it. Nonetheless, we still got the shaft.)

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