Thursday Pump Up Jam – Buttons And Bows

It’s been a while since our last Thursday Pump Up Jam, however, now that we know our bowl destination I thought one was in order. As we all know, the last time our beloved ‘Cats won a bowl game was in 1949. And believe it or not, the Billboard Hot 100 actually existed back then, and the #1 song on January 1st, 1949 was “Buttons and Bows” by Dinah Shore… an instant classic.

Our #B1GCats were likely celebrating their victory while listening to this on their 45 player and enjoying a few frosty beverages (however, likely not in Evanston as prohibition was not repealed until 1972).

So whenever we can end our historic bowl drought, hopefully come January 1st, NU fans everywhere will now know the song to play to ring in the end of an era. Without further ado, i present “Buttons and Bows!”

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