Site Offers Option to Reserve a Rose Bowl Ticket If Your Team Makes It

TeamTix is offering a chance to secure a Rose Bowl ticket at face value if your team makes it

TeamTix is offering a chance to secure a Rose Bowl ticket at face value if your team makes it

Everyone dreams of the day that the ‘Cats will once again take the Purple to Pasadena. With expectations higher than ever this season, and Kain Colter proclaiming that “it’s time to get to the Rose Bowl,” some might believe this year could be the year [knocks on wood].

The question is would you be willing to wager $20 to guarantee a face-value ticket to the Rose Bowl? Well apparently some ‘Cats fans already have, as the website shows activity in the Rose Bowl “futures” market as of August 20th.

How it works, is you very similar to the options market in stock exchanges. You are paying a premium for the option (except in this case it is an obligation) to purchase a ticket at a set price ($150) should the team you select reach the Rose Bowl. The price of this “option” is market driven, meaning the more people that bet of a given team, the higher the price to get in on the fun.

Not much to anyone’s surprise, Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan, and Michigan St. lead the charge at $35 a pop. Northwestern and Wisconsin are the only other teams with any activity yet, and both “options” are starting at $20. On the Pac 12 side, Stanford, Oregon, and UCLA garner the heaviest fee at $35.

I must say, I’m very tempted to toss in $40 for the chance at 2 tickets. In the event the ‘Cats make it, the price I’d pay for a ticket would be astronomical. Maybe it’s the engineer in me, but I think its a wise move if you look at the expected value. If you’re feeling optimistic, here is the place to purchase a chance at face value Rose Bowl tickets.

And just for good measure… [knocks on wood, knocks on wood, knocks on wood]

UPDATE: I caved and bought one. Cross your fingers!

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