Thursday Pump Up Jam – Fortune Days

Holy Cow!

I am honestly in disbelief that game week is finally here. Let the Thursday Pump Up Jams commence! To kick off the start of the 2013 season, I present to you Fortune Days by the Glitch Mob, or as it’s better known, the Kain Colter song. This is the song used in the background of the (extremely awesome) Kain Colter feature that was put together by the Northwestern Athletic Department. I gotta say, it gets me pretty jazzed about the forthcoming season.

Here it is for your eardrums’ pleasure:


Also, if that didn’t get you pumped up enough… here are a handful of other videos which I have been watching on repeat:



Non Stop Rap Hip Hop Remixed

Coming Fall 2013

“No brake pads, no such things as last”

Ricky Football Highlights

“Cut up on the cigarillo like a lumberjack”



2 DAYS PEOPLE!!!! Everything is moving fast you gotta be able to slow it down. See you at Kincade’s!!!! #B1GCats. Andy out.

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