The Kincades Disaster (and why the Warriors will not be going there ever again)


I made this in like 4 seconds on paint… don’t judge plz

Man, what a ride Saturday’s game was. Another drama filled W that showed that the ‘Cats can win under adversity.

However, the location we chose to watch the game in was less than stellar. After receiving an email from the NU Alumni Association touting an open bar for the season opener, which was advertised to be at a much larger location to help house the large number of ‘Cats fans, we decided to take our talents to Kincade’s. Chaos ensued.

The main bar that is Kincade’s was actually not very crowded before kickoff, however, the open bar deal that we had eagerly purchased days in advance were not valid there. Instead, we were crammed into a back building (covered in KU memorabilia mind you) where there was little seating and only a single bar with 2-3 bartenders. Suffice it to say it was pretty tough to get around and even tougher to get a drink. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this back building only had two single toilet bathrooms for the entire NU contingent.

People who had purchased the deal were actually leaving at halftime to watch the game elsewhere. Others went in to the main bar so they could get a seat and watch despite the fact that they had to pay for drinks. The servers/busboys were rude and unhelpful and some even refused to take orders. When the game was over, they played some off-brand remake of the fight song. I’m rambling, but seriously??!!

Long story short, this was a huge disaster. Why the Alumni Association cant find a bar large enough to host the Wildcat faithful is beyond me. You’d think most bars would be drooling at the idea of 400-500 people trying to get shitfaced and watch football and would roll out the red carpet for the fans to make sure they come back time and time again. Until that day, the Warriors will be sticking to residential tailgating…or actually driving to the games.

Thank God it’s West Lot time.

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