Thursday Pump Up Jam(s)

Friends, Fellow Warriors, Mike Wilbon (we asked him to be our guest predictor for Friday Predictions but he politely declined and said “… Do you want me to get fired?”),

This week we have two pump-up jams. So buckle up… it’s the law!

This 2006 classic from D4L serves as the first pump-up jam for the week simply because Western Michigan looked like, well, a D4 team last week against Nicholls State.

Our second jam has a little bit of a deeper meaning. For those into numbers, Sammy Kaye’s “Room Full of Roses” was #17 on the charts (our current ranking) in 1949 – the last time the ‘Cats won the Rose Bowl. Expect to see this one again later in the year!

Go Cats!

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