Prediction Friday – Western Michigan

Will Zack Oliver see the field on Saturday? Survey says: Yes.

Will Zack Oliver see the field on Saturday? Survey says: Yes.

There’s not much to say here. The ‘Cats are good, the Broncos, not so good. I think SoP beat us to this punchline.


Game Prediction: Game Summary: Western Michigan, you just lost to Nicholls State last week. At home. Nichols State (apparently located in Louisiana) is an FCS team. They lost to Oregon 66-3. The ‘Cats aren’t at Oregon’s level, but this one still won’t be pretty.

(Unrelated: The Nicholls State Colonels have made it to the NCAA Tournamenttwice! Sadface.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos open up the game with a quick score off the bat. But the #B1GCats settle down and score on the next drive. A couple of big 13-to-6 completions and a Kain Colter led drive make it 21-7 before too long. Defense comes up with some big turnovers and the ‘Cats go into the locker room 24-7. (#BUDZIEN4GROZA!)

Second half will be more of the same. Let’s hope this is the game when NU can put together a full 4 quarters. It won’t be too pretty, and soon enough we’ll see Zack Oliver slingin’ it down field to get some just-in-case reps.

Score: NU 45 – WMU 13

Game Highlight: Zack Oliver finds the endzone in the 4th quarter. (on the field) The Warriors blasting ‘Room Full of Roses’ on repeat as the night rolls on. (In the West Lot)

Player to Watch: Trevor Siemian seems primed for another huge game


Game Prediction: This one is gonna get ugly.

Score: NU 49 –WMU 10

Game Highlight: Western Michigan finally scores a TD (good for them)

Player to Watch: Zack Oliver & Kyle Prater


Game Prediction: Western Michigan sucks. I don’t need to go into detail, but they lost to Nicholls State last week…. at home. Nicholls State has been the worst team in FCS for the past 2 years. They have 2 wins in the past 2 years (prior to the WMU game) and they both came against NAIA Evangel University. I don’t usually play the transitive property game, but this is too blatant too ignore.

This game might remain moderately competitive into the middle of the 2nd quarter, but the fact is the ‘Cats have far better players and far better coaching than WMU. WMU has also been historically bad at stopping the read option. Granted, our read option has not been complete without Ricky Football, but expect a grand ole day from our dear friend Cain. Hell, expect a grand ole day from just about anybody on the team.

The game will be over by the middle of the 3rd at which point we’ll bunker down and “Snacks” (Zack Oliver) will come into the game. At that point, we’ll just be killing clock. Expect this one to be over shortly after 11pm. Then, the West Lot will turn into #SatKegWestLot.

Score: NU 48 – WMU 21

Game Highlight: Colter with a 75 yard touchdown scamper on a busted play (because Prater runs the wrong route)/The Warriors turn the lot into #SatKegWestLot after the game

Player to Watch: Kain Colter (150+ yards rushing, 150+ yards passing)


Game Prediction: Western Michigan isn’t very good. Northwestern is pretty darn good. Remember the time when we used to be afraid of games like this? (I remember my sophomore year we played Eastern Michigan and won by 3 on a last second Stefan Demos field goal. Man, what a clutch kicker. I really miss that guy.) I’m happy to say that those days are long gone, my friends – don’t be afraid of this opponent. We were supposed to be playing Vandy in this slot, but the Commodores chickened out. I’m actually glad that was the case, as this game and the next will give us a chance to rest our starters and get healthy for the OSU game. This isn’t the type of year that we need to boost our non-con schedule with tough opponents – this is the type of year where we just need to survive and make sure we get to 4-0.

I think Venric will once again miss this game, and Kain will be our starter. Just like last week, Kain will march right down the field through the air for the TD, and the rout will be on. The Broncos will pull within 17-7 midway through the first quarter, but then Trevor will come in for quick score to take us to 24-7, and the ‘Cats won’t look back. I hope to see Zack Oliver by the middle of the third quarter. The ‘Cats will run wild in the second half, and both Mike Trumpy and Treyvon Green will eclipse 100 yards. A late TD by the Broncos gives us the final score, 50 – 20. I just really hope the ‘Cats will get to 50 in this one, but I’m afraid Fitz might call off the dogs if this gets out of hand early.

Score: NU 50 – WMU 20

Game Highlight: Trevor to Christian Jones, 65 yard TD bomb

Player to Watch: Mike (Donald) Trumpy


Game Prediction: For my first prediction, I decided to take an in-depth look at the western Michigan Horsies. Then i came across this video and saw that they lost to Nichols State(ho lost by a billion to the Eugene Nikes. Thus my research ended. The game begins with a lengthy kick return my Stephen Buckley, to the horsey 23 yard line where the kicker makes a shoe string tackle, this will be the highlight of the game for the Western, mostly due to Coach Fitz hatred of single direction schools, which I assume is due to his desire to punch the members of One Direction.

WMU coach PJ Fleck is so excited at this point he begins to row and unintentionally knocks himself out. Fleck is awakened at the end of the first quarter by the sound of his defensive coordinator sobbing and turns to the scoreboard to see a 23 to nothing score. Unflustered by this, Fleck rallies the troops and reminds them that they have three-forths of the game left and to leave it all out on the field. Unfortunately this too proves to be the wrong message both due to the inability of Western’s football players to understand fractions and three more Northwestern touchdowns all scored by Kain Colter(run, pass to Prater and reception).

After the half, Zack Oliver enters the game, and he and Malin Jones continue the beat down for another 30 minutes. Improbably, WMU manages to score some points through the use of a fumblerooski and a tackle eligible play that would have been the talk of college football for the rest of the year, if anyone was still watching.

Score: NU 63 – WMU 14

Game Highlight: Grayhack blacks out before kickoff (Andy’s prediction as Patrick has omitted his)

Player to Watch: Zack Oliver & Malin Jones

Thanks all. Holy hell we better win this one.

2013 Records:

Andy: 2-0
Rankin: 2-0
Roche: 2-0
Trent: 2-0
Grayhack: 0-0 (First pick)
Guest: 1-0-1 (No pick 1st week)

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