Thursday Pump Up Jam – Wasted

This week the ‘Cats take on an FCS foe in Maine. Despite the fact that they are undefeated (3-0), and upset an FBS team (that team being UMass, which was a previously an FCS team that is now 1-14 as an FBS member), I dont think that too many of the Wildcat faithful are worried about the outcome this week.

Given the 2:30PM kick off, our 3-0 record, and the lack of drama surrounding this game, I think the conditions are ripe for a very drunk showing from the West Lot Warrior Consortium… in fact, we may very well get WASTED. And because we’re gonna beat Maine, mane, I thought this song was fitting to serve as this week’s Thursday Pump Up Jam. So without futher ado, GUCCI MANE!

See you at the tailgate… Rollin’ into da West Lot SeptemBURR 21st!

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