Prediction Friday – Maine

Welcome to Prediction Friday! A little different feel this week, as Roche is posting this via his mobile device (AND on that new-fangled iOS7). No picture, but a lot of confidence heading into tomorrow’s game.

Roche will not be present at the West Lot tomorrow; his cousin is getting married (Congrats, Laura!). But he will follow the festivities in spirit.

On to the picks!

Game Summary: I just don’t want anyone to get hurt. Please. October 5 is coming up in two weeks and I want to see Ricky Football back to 110% and Kain Colter un-concussed. On a related note:

Plz not Columbus next weekend. That would kinda kill our chances for Gameday for October 5. On another related note:

PAWWWLLLL is the bearer of [potentially] GREAT news in Evanston.

Ah, yes. Maine. I see a similar game to last week. A little sloppy to start. The ‘Cats will get it together by the second quarter and roll. Ibrahim Campbell gets a pick in his 6th (!) straight game, and Trevor Siemian lights up the Black Bear secondary for 3 TD’s. I think we’ll see Ricky for 5-10 carries, but that’ll be it. Get him a little loose for a few weeks from now.

Final Score: NU 45- Maine 17


Player to Watch: Roger and his Fireball Whisky. No, really. Please someone watch him this week. I’m going to be in WI for a wedding, and I hope he survives day drinking Fireball starting at 10:30 AM.


Game Summary: I don’t have a lot to offer here, sadly. I think this one will be relatively uneventful. As has typically been the case over the last several years when we play FCS teams, our second and third string will see significant playing time and this may unfold before halftime.

Ultimately, I see NU running a very vanilla gameplan and simply dominating both lines of scrimmage with superior athletes.

Score Prediction: NU 45 – Maine 17

Game Highlight: Mike “Donald” Trumpy with a 50+ yard touchdown.

Player to Watch: Venric Mark…. No, really. Watch him on the sideline. See if he’s chomping at the bit to get in. He certainly won’t be playing but his body language may tell us a thing or two about his status.

Game Summary: Ok. For real this time. NU fans have no stress this week as the game looks a lot like NU vs. Towson in 2009. Zach Oliver will get more than just one drive and we see a decent amount of playing time from recently hyped true freshman Matt Harris. The ‘Cats score on their opening 3 drives and never look back. The defense scores another pick or two but also surrenders a pair of big plays that lead to Maine TDs.

Score Prediction: NU 47 – Maine 14 (A la the NU vs. Towson score)

Game Highlight: Ibraheim Campbell fields his 6th consecutive pick, this one coming off a Collin Ellis deflection

Player to Watch: Kyle Prater

Game Summary: An angry Wildcats team takes the field and storms to a 35 – 0 halftime lead on the back of three rushing touchdowns from Treyvon “Gimmie dat” Green and two red zone fades to Mr. Fumble himself Kyle Prater. Young Zach Oliver enters the game at the half and holds down the fort throwing for a touchdown and using his Evan Watkins esque speed to rush in for a touchdown. On defense, true freshman Matt Harris splits time with Dwight White at the corner spot and comes up with two pass deflections one of which lands in the arms of Ibrahiem “The Soup Man” Campbell.

Score: 52-10

Game Highlight – Stephen Buckley returns the opening kick to the Bear 2 yard line.

Player to Watch: Matt Harris

Tailgater to watch – Michael “Moops” Cooperberg – Fresh off having his two front teeth replaced this New Jersey native is ready to eat and fist pump his way to victory.

Game Summary: I think Fitz will get in the ‘Cats ears after last week’s slow start, and the team will come out with some fire. I think the rout will be on in the first quarter, and we’ll see Zack Oliver after halftime.

Final Score: 42-10

Highlight: Tony Jones 65 yd touchdown reception

Player to Watch: Pierre Youngblood-Ary

Ytd: we’re all 3-0 in our picks. Let’s move to 4-0 this Saturday and prepare for the Homecoming Tailgate!

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