Week 5 Power Rankings

I’ll be honest – we’re posting the Power Rankings late this week since we’re all still a bit hungover from last weekend. Even though that was a game that we were “supposed” to lose, that defeat to OSU still stung all the same. One thing is clear – Northwestern’s ranking was no fluke and they are a legitimate top 25 team. Our rankings this week reflect that – all six Warriors have the ‘Cats ranked at #2 behind Ohio State. The West Lot Warriors will be traveling to Madison this weekend to support the team as we take on Wisconsin – the #3 team in our poll. We’re expecting some beers, brats, 4th quarter drama and some vomiting. Should be a good time. On to the rankings:

1. Ohio State (6)


3. Wisconsin

4. Michigan

5. Nebraska

5. Michigan State

7. Iowa

8. Indiana

9. Illinois

10. Minnesota

11. Penn State

12. Pur-can’t

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