Prediction Friday – Nebraska


Roger and Roche think Ameer Abdullah will have a big day tomorrow (USATSI)


Define “on time.” We got these up before closing time at least! Missing Andy’s .GIF prediction, so we’ll have to settle for the rest of our normal text predictions. The ‘Cats are looking to stay above .500 as they head into Lincoln. The enthusiasm surrounding this team hasn’t been this low since probably around the Army loss


Game Summary: The last time the ‘Cats went to Lincoln, their star player was hurt and they were clinging to the hope of even making a bowl game. Fast forward two years and – welp, not much has changed. We’re all hoping for a medical redshirt for Ricky Football and it looks like the ‘Cats’ bowl hopes have quickly dropped from Rose Bowl aspirations to a likely appearance in the Fireball Classic

The injury report includes three running backs. Which is great, because the offense usually does well when pitching the ball to a Mike Trumpy on the read option (DERP). Buckley looked great last week, so let’s hope we see more of him and little of Trumpy (but because of the injury status, we’ll prolly see some Trumpy).
Is TMartz playing for NEB? ESPN says he’s questionable, and I think NU would do better against Tommy Armstrong than TMartz.
I see this being a higher scoring game than last week’s debacle. (Note: Defense buckled down after that first drive pretty impressively.) Maybe Micky McCall grows a brain and starts calling a better game.
NU moves the ball decently but DERPS again in the redzone a few times. Six points are more helpful than three in that situation, obvi.
Ameer Abdullah gains 150 yards on the ground and NU can’t do much to stop him. Nebraska has a long drive at the end of the 4th Q to kill time and seal the deal.
Final Score: NEB 24 – NU 19
Play Of The Game: Bo Pellini steals some of his brother’s weed and calls a hot dog vendor down to the sideline mid-2nd Q
Player To Watch: Jeff Budzein (avenging his only miss last year)
Warrior To Watch: Michael Roche and His Homemade Nachos. They’re gonna have an incredible assortment of vegetables and salsas fit for a king!

Game Summary: Wow…. what looked to be a game with division implications at the beginning of the year has turned into a game where each team looks to put the brakes on their impending train wreck (if that’s even possible at this point).

We know the ‘Cats don’t have brake pads, but unfortunately I think that means there is such a thing as last (sorry Lil’ Wayne), and we’re staring that in the face.
As Roche mentioned amidst his typos, this is essentially a do or die game for both teams. The ‘Cats have got to get a win to have any chance at a bowl game and Bo Pelini has to get a win to have a job next week. As a result, I’m predicting a horribly played, incredibly mismanaged games where it is evident that both teams are hanging on for dear life.
I’m expecting turnovers galore in this one and a fair amount of dumb penalties.
Ultimately, Nebraska will come out on top because Ameer Abdullah will run for 8+ yards per carry and we will stall on offense far too often.
Final Score: NEB 30 – NU 17
Play Of The Game: I’m not entirely sure who this is coming from or when in the course of the game it’s coming, but I’m predicting an ejection in this game (and not one of those ridiculous one’s for targeting). I have a hunch it will come from a Nebraska D Lineman, but who knows….
Player To Watch: Ricky Football. No, he’s not going to play, but if he has to watch this garbage much more from the sidelines I suspect he may go Dez Bryant on the rest of the team.
Warrior To Watch: Michael Roche. What’s going on with Michael Roche? He had several typos in his first draft of PredictionFriday. Michael, are you getting enough sleep? Eating your veggies? Getting all that fiber you like?
Game Summary:
This game really reminds me of the situation a few years back when we traveled to Lincoln and Kain Superman’d all over the ‘Huskers. Our team was on the brink at that point, and our bowl game hopes looked very grim. We’re in that same spot now two years later, and I think our team is going to rally just like they did in 2011 and pull out a W.
There’s going to be a lot of offense in this one, and I think it’s going to be a shootout, but on the ground. A shootout seems to imply an aerial assault, so I need to find a better word for a high scoring ground and pound game. A “pound-around”?
I think Kain will come to play and pull out the W with a late drive at the end. This guy has been a warrior for us his whole career, and he’s not going to let our past four games define his senior season.
Final Score: NU: 30  ‘Huskers:27
Player to watch: Kain Colter
Warrior to Watch: Dr. Mike Roche
Play of the Game: Special Teams TD by the ‘Cats

After receiving a pump up speech from big time Northwestern supporter and fan Warren Buffett (his wife went to NU), the Cats come out hot with two straight field goals. Meanwhile the Nebraska crowd roars at seeing their defense not give up touchdowns. Unfortunately things on the offensive side don’t go as well. The announcers are befuddled as to why the Cornshuskers can’t get anything going. However, the cold hard truth dawns on ace analyst Joey Galloway, and he informs his fawning audience “Taylor Martinez throws like a girl”. After this he and his partner Beth “Big Time” Mohans [sic] get into an argument about women in sports that lasts the rest of the game. With such a spirited debate occurring between these two broadcasting giants, the majority of the television audience loses interest in the game and returns to their homes to ponder the meaning of life. The game continues at its frenetic pace with some more field goals and the traditional Trumpy fumble. Yet, the biggest surprise is yet to come as the former Medil [sic] student producer makes the decision that Northwestern’s initials be NU. Also, due to the fact that most Nebraska fans can’t read three letters in a row [Ed. note: irony is Grayhack mocking the Nebraska fan base for spelling/literacy], Nebraska is also listed as NU.
Final score: NU 29 – NU 28
Player to watch – Trevor Simeon [sic] – Watch him watch the game.
Prop bet of the day: Total points scored versus total shots of fireball consumed by the warriors (Survey says fireball)
Ed. Note – Huettner promptly called Grayhack out on the Warren Buffett connection. He did in fact go to UNL and is a huge Husker supporter

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