Um…Excuse Me Athletic Department?

Hey Guys. Andy here.

If you’re like me, you probably just received an email from our lovely athletic department informing you of your current Purple Points balance. What I think came as a shock to anyone who is under the age of 30 (just a general assumption that us young folk aren’t dropping $100+ donations on a whim) found out that our points are “Inactive.”


Um… what?

As if this nonsense that you need to donate at least $600 per year to be guaranteed a parking pass wasn’t enough, now the University is saying that for you to even have a shot at getting one and/or purchase away game tickets (i.e. NU @ Notre Dame on Nov 15th) you need to donate at least $100 per year. Right. Because our continued support of team without any sort of winning tradition whatsoever (No sorry, 3 good years doesn’t count) isn’t enough. In the words of Roger Rankin, here’s what makes the policy so insane:

Everyone’s points are inactive unless they give at least $100 this year to the general athletic fund (or a particular sport). This applies to people who have had season tickets for 60 years and people who donated $50 million last year. The same policy will be in place for future years.

Apparently the ticket office is trying to match the same standards of other B1G programs, where something like this is commonplace. Might I remind you, however, that Northwestern is the only private institution in the B1G, thus having far fewer alumni (and even fewer who actually give a damn about our program). Oh, and again, we really haven’t been all that good at the football in years past. The 2000 season gets one year further in the past every year, whether you like it or not.

Finally, let me remind you that NU averaged 7,823 empty seats per game last season. And that number was greatly helped out by Ohio State and Michigan fans. Shouldn’t we be focused on expanding our fan base and filling our stadium instead of asking for even more of the Wildcat faithful?

This is just a slap in the face. I don’t understand how buying season tickets isn’t enough to “activate” your points. I don’t think this will last, as I think this may come back to bite them. I don’t think a 30 year season ticket holder would take very kindly to being told that isn’t enough to earn recognition of their support.

Go ‘Cats?

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