Thursday (?) Pump Up Jam – Dar um Jeito

That’s right ‘Cats fans. It’s just a little over a week until the return of college football. We’re getting giddy over here. In order to prepare ourselves for next week, we are having a few warm up posts to get us in the swing of things come game week. So without further ado, here is our preseason Thursday Pump Up Jam post:

Between the start of fall camp and today the ‘Cats have certainly faced their fair share of speed bumps (see here and here).  The creeping sense of optimism of the Wildcats being a trendy sleeper pick in the West has since started to fade (for most). However, some braver souls, like myself, have stayed positive that the ‘Cats have enough depth on both sides of the ball to punch their first ticket to Indy for the B1G Championship game. Because of course, we will find a way. Dar um Jeito, ‘Cats fans.

Editors note: I got excited and thought it was Thursday. #whoops

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