Thursday Pump Up Jam -NIU

It’s hard to get pumped up after the ‘Cats lackluster performance against Cal last week, but let’s all keep in mind it was just one game. Let’s flush it, and move on.

In honor of our second game, we have two pump jams this week for your enjoyment:

Carrie Underwood – Jesus Take the Wheel

Last week’s performance did not give us a lot of faith in our coaches. At times like these, we turn to a higher power. Our only hope this week is if Jesus (yes, JC, the one who built my cabinets) takes the wheel and starts running the show.

Now for something a little more pump-up jammy…

Florida Georgia Line – Round Here

Another home game, another loss?  Let’s hope not.  But, as we’ve shown in the past, we’ll have some fireball and some fun regardless. The song sings “That fireball whiskey whispers, temptation in my ear, it’s a feelin’ alright Saturday night, and that’s how we do it round here, yeah that’s how we do it round here.” Some of the West Lot Warriors crew saw this band walking around in Vegas during the #turnup4shane bachelor party, so we’re hoping the good vibes from that weekend rub off on us this week.

Come to the tailgate, have yourself a fun Saturday. Let’s go ‘Cats!!!

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