Week 2 Power Rankings

It’s still early in the college football season, and the Warriors are trying to feel out the strength of the Big Ten. With the ‘Cats loss last week, they’ve dropped a bit in our weekly power rankings, from 7th into a tie for 9th. Michigan State and Ohio State still sit at 1 and 2, but Ohio State picked up a #1 vote this week from a certain Columbus-biased Warrior…

Michigan State has a huge game this week at Oregon, which should give us a good line of sight into how good this conference actually is.

Have a great weekend everyone, and Go ‘Cats!

Team Points
1. Michigan State (6) 97
2. Ohio State (1) 91
3. Wisconsin 84
4. Nebraska 74
5. Michigan 69
6. Iowa 65
7. Penn State 55
8. Minnesota 47
T9. Northwestern 32
T9. Indiana 32
11. Rutgers 30
12. Maryland 27
13. Illinois 16
14. Purdue 14

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