Power Rankings! ‘Cats are Movin’ On Up

We won a game! In the B1G Ten! Maybe the ‘Cats aren’t as bad as we all thought.

Last week the Warriors picked Northwestern as the worst team in the B1G Ten, in a power rankings post I think nobody remembered to actually post since we were all too depressed. It may have also been because it’s embarrassing that we, a consortium of Northwestern fans, would be publicly admitting we had the worst team in the conference.

Well, maybe we’re not the absolute worst. This week the ‘Cats sit at 9th in our rankings, appropriately in a tie with Penn State. Although maybe it’s not that appropriate, since the ‘Cats whupped the Nittany Lions 29-6 at Beaver Stadium on Saturday. I think we’re all still in shock at what we saw during that game, and now have some hope for the future, both near and distant, with all the bright young talent which shined on Saturday.

Looking at the rest of the B1G Ten – Michigan State remains in its safe, unanimous spot at #1. Ohio State and Nebraska are tied for 2nd, although Wisconsin is not too far behind. If you look at the points totals there are three pretty distinct tiers, with Northwestern sitting somewhere in that middle tier. We still don’t know much about the B1G Ten, except for the fact that the conference overall probably isn’t very good. How Indiana beat Missouri, we may never know.

These rankings are bound to keep changing dramatically each week. But that’s the beauty of college football.

Team Points
1. Michigan State (7) 98
T-2. Ohio State 86
T-2. Nebraska 86
4. Wisconsin 79
5. Maryland 62
6. Minnesota 56
7. Iowa 52
8. Rutgers 45
T-9. Northwestern 43
T-9. Penn State 43
11. Indiana 31
12. Michigan 25
13. Illinois 16
14. Purdue 11

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