New Power Rankings – Now With Cool Graphs!


We’re already six weeks into the season, but no one really knows how this B1G  season is going to shake out. The West Lot Warriors can’t agree on much, but we do have a unanimous #1 (Michigan State) and a unanimous #14 (Illannoy). What’s going on between those two teams is anyone’s guess. Our ‘Cats, who started out the season so abysmally, are somehow 2-0 in the B1G and sitting on top of the West division. Insanity. So that you can see how little we know about what is going on in the wild, wild B1G, we’ve included a graph above showing how each team’s WLW power ranking has fluctuated as the season has progressed.

We have the ‘Cats sitting at #4 in our rankings, a far cry from the last place ranking we gave them just two weeks ago. You can argue at this point that the ‘Cats have the two most impressive wins of any team in the B1G thus far, knocking off PSU away and Wisconsin at home. The B1G West is absolutely wide open, with Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa still very much in the mix.

A lot can change in the next few weeks, but it’s very nice to look at the ESPN standings page at the moment and see the ‘Cats sitting at the top. Rumor has it that Pat Grayhack has already purchased 37 tickets for the B1G Ten title game in Indianapolis – that’s how confident he is in our Wildcats. There’s a huge game for NU coming up this week in Minnesota – to that we say “Au revoir, gopher!” Go ‘Cats!

Team Points
1. Michigan State (7) 98
2. Ohio State 91
3. Nebraska 84
4. Northwestern 71
T5. Wisconsin 66
T5. Minnesota 66
7. Rutgers 52
8. Iowa 49
9. Penn State 44
10. Maryland 41
11. Indiana 28
12. Purdue 20
13. Michigan 18
14. Illinois 7

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