Ode To Trevor


Trevor, Trevor, love or hate,
That’s the current fan debate.
Against the union over the summer
His injuries have been a bummer.

Now seventy five percent at best,
His skills have been put up to the test.
Some fans would say he’s been a bust,
But in his awkward moves I trust.

Pick six left and pick six right,
But he has the arm for a Victory right.
Take him with a grain of salt.
He’s not that bad, not all’s his fault.

A touchdown here and a pick six there,
At least he does it all with flare.
A cannon for an arm, a gunslingin dude,
This is who he is, so stop being rude.

He looks good, about half the time,
The other half his play’s a crime.
But as Fitz says, losers like stats,
And Trev’s the leader of our ‘Cats.

The captain of our purple team,
Can he lead us to our Indy dream?
For better or worse, Trev’s our guy,
Now bring us a piece of that Big Ten pie.


One thought on “Ode To Trevor

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