The Wild, Wild B1G West


Well I feel a little unoriginal since this same headline has probably been written about 27 times this week. But whatevs, it’s a way in.

I’ve been analyzing the schedules for Minny, Iowa, Wisco, Braska and the ‘Cats – in my mind the contenders in the B1G West at this point.

I’ve been looking at Probable Wins (PW) for each team – basically it’s games against the three clear worst teams in the Big Ten – Michigan, Illinois and Purdue. I tend to think Indiana is an ok team, so I didn’t include them in this category. With the strength (or lack thereof) of the conference this year though, nothing is a guarantee.

Also looking at Games Against the Contenders (GAC) – that’s games against the other four contenders in the West. In my mind these games are toss-ups, but even more important in the division race since a win for one team means a loss for another contender.

Minnesota –
Remaining Games: 7
PW: 2 (@ Purdue, home for Illinois)
GAC: 4 (Northwestern, Iowa, @Nebraska, @Wisco)
Others: @ OSU (likely loss)

Northwestern –
Remaining Games: 7
PW: 3 (home for Michigan, @Purdue, home for Illinois)
GAC: 3 (@Minny, Nebraska, @Iowa)
Others: @ND (likely loss but non-con – could affect tiebreakers though)

Braska –
Remaining Games:6
PW: 1 (home for Purdue)
GAC: 4 (@therealNU, @Wisco, Minny, @Iowa)
Others: Home against Rutgers (probable win, but who knows)

Wisconsin –
Remaining Games: 7
PW: 2 (home for Illinois, @Purdue)
GAC: 3 (Nebraska, @Iowa, Minny)
Others: Home for Maryland, at Rutgers (probably 1-1 or 2-0 for those games)

Remaining Games: 7
PW: 1 (@Illinois)
GAC: 4 (NU, @Minny, Wisco, Nebraska)
Others: Home against Indiana this weekend, At Maryland (My guess is 1-1 for those two games)

It’s nice to see everything laid out, but the only real conclusion to be drawn here is that things are still wide open. A lot can change with seven games remaining for most of these teams. The good news is that Northwestern has the most “probable wins” remaining, and in my mind the easiest schedule of the B1G West contenders. A win against Minny this weekend puts us in the driver seat, and would set up an enormous Homecoming match-up against Nebraska that could decide who goes to Indianapolis.

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