Moving On Is Hard To Do

We knew it before the Illinois game last year. I guess you could say we knew before the season even started. There’s death, taxes and the end of a college football player’s career. All are inevitable and somewhat distasteful.

Trevor Siemian’s playing career is over – as a Northwestern Wildcat. But he’s born anew, metamorphasized into a buckin’ Bronco from Denver. A backup to Peyton Manning, no less.

As an aside, do you realize there were only seven quarterbacks selected in the NFL draft this year? That’s literally one quarterback per round. Seven quarterbacks out of more than 100 college football teams. And Trevor Siemian was one of them. I’m not sure he was a top seven quarterback in the Big Ten last year.

But darnit, I’m going to miss the guy. His goofy smile. The way he locked in on a receiver from the snap and threw into triple coverage. The shaved head. Those fun times where he ran the ball, or rather lumbered forward several yards and fell down. The initials T.S…

Some people dare to criticize Trevor because of his mediocre stats throughout his career. I’m with Fitz – stats are for losers. And losers who criticize Trevor Siemian are for losers. I’m not ashamed to say it – I was a big fan of the guy. Sometimes you have to accept someone’s imperfections and focus on the good. As boneheaded a play as he could make – he could snap back and do something ridiculous two plays later. He came through when it mattered – more often than not. He beat Notre Dame, right?

But regardless, here we are – in a brave new world for Northwestern football. No Trevor Siemian. In fact, no returning quarterback with any real semblance of experience. I’ll admit, I haven’t been a fan of the ‘Cats for “that” long. I’d say 2007. But in those eight years, I don’t remember a year where we had an absolute, brand new spanking quarterback taking the reins. In a way it’s terrifying, but also thrilling. Just like the Trevor Era – you don’t know what to expect. You could see something insanely awesome and ridiculous, or something boneheadedly brutal. The important part is that it’s unknown, and unexpected – whatever “it” is.

Hope can take you to the highest highs, and the lowest lows. And hope comes from the unknown, the unexpected. The Northwestern Wildcats are in a new spot, at least for me as a fan – they have a blank slate. Taylor Swift meets Rousseau, man.

And that’s the beauty of college sports. All of a sudden you could find a diamond in the rough – a kid who comes out of nowhere to become a star. Someone who has the moxie and talent to take us to the next level. Is Clayton Thorson that guy? I don’t know. Do I want to find out? Hell yes.

Go ‘Cats.

RIP Trevor Siemian


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