Clayton Thorson Named Starting QB


Lots of things to say here.

First off – I find it a little odd that Fitz decided to announce a starter before 9/4. Fitzy loves his little “competitive advantage” tactics by forcing coaches to scout multiple players and have multiple game plans. He also is almost obnoxiously reserved about disclosing information about the team (such as listing injuries as “lower body injuries” or this whole fiasco). The fact that he gives Stanford a clearer picture of what the offense will look like (honestly not all that clear regardless) seems out of place. Is he going to trot Snacks Oliver or Matt Alviti on the field for some strange two QB system? Only time will tell.

Next – this is exciting. He seems to be the future of program and came in highly touted. Roger was quick to point out that he was the #2 recruit in the state of Illinois and the #6 ranked dual threat QB  nationally.  He definitely seems to have the highest upside and fits the mold of QBs who were successful under Mick McCall.

Finally – what does this mean in terms of our strength at the QB position? He beat out two options who didn’t seem especially strong. Can we expect a return to the good ole days of Persa and Kafka or will we struggle again like we did in years past? My instinct is that he will struggle in year one but this could be a great learning year and a sign of good things to come.

I’ll leave you with some high school highlights:

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