Preseason Big Ten Power Rankings

Darrell Hoemann/The News-Gazette Illinois football coach Tim Beckman shows his spirit for the upcoming season at Memorial Stadium in Champaign on Thursday, June 28, 2012.

The college football season starts tomorrow! After months of anticipation, debate, and games played out on paper, we finally get to see some games played out IRL. At this point we don’t know much, aside from the fact that the Buckeyes will be an absolute powerhouse. Also, Illinois will probably be terrible, considering they fired their coach less than two weeks before the season started. Never a recipe for success.

This first weekend has some marquee games for our conference – with Minnesota taking on TCU, Michigan vs. Utah, OSU vs. Virginia Tech and of course Northwestern vs. Stanford. These games have taken on extra importance with the new playoff system, as they provide the only opportunity for us to see power conference teams play one another in what ultimately becomes a barometer for the strength of each conference. Let the fun begin.

Team Points
1. Ohio State (7) 98
2. Michigan State 91
3. Wisconsin 81
4. Nebraska 72
5. Minnesota 65
6. Michigan 62
7. Iowa 57
8. Penn State 51
9. Maryland 48
10. Rutgers 36
11. Northwestern 30
12. Indiana 22
13. Purdon’t 14
14. Illanoy 8

*Editor’s note – Grayhack has submitted his rankings this week under protest, since he doesn’t believe in preseason rankings. The funny thing is, we’re not even sure we believe Hack is a real person.

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