Big Ten Power Rankings – Week Two

Another week is in the books, and we’re starting to learn more about our humble conference in America’s Heartland (which also has some rando East coast schools thrown in too). It seems the Big Ten has a dominant few teams at the top, a lot of mish-mosh in the middle, and then a dumpster fire going on in the bottom ranks. For every Michigan State win against a powerhouse in Oregon, there’s a Maryland getting blow out by Bowling Green, and a Rutgers falling to Washington State. But hey, at least we’re not the SEC.

The ‘Cats continue to steadily rise up through the ranks, having still not given up a touchdown on the year. We’re holding opponents to an average three points per game, but the crazy thing is that’s not even the best in the B1G thus far. Illinois has given up only three points total thus far, albeit against very weak competition. Maybe with Coach Beckman gone, the Illini are revitalized and maybe sorta kinda competent. Here’s a random interesting fact – two Pac 12 Oregon teams traveled to Michigan last week for B1G games, and this week two Illinois teams are traveling to North Carolina for road ACC contests. Weird huh.

There’s still a lot to learn about the pecking order of the B1G, and this weekend should help bring some more clarity. The Warriors are very divided on Nebraska, with one person ranking them as high as fourth, and another ranking them as low as ninth. With a road test at Miami this week, we should know much more about how the Huskers are looking this year. With that, let’s look at the rankings.

Team Points
1. Ohio State (7) 98
2. Michigan State 91
3. Wisconsin 84
4. Northwestern 72
5. Iowa 64
6. Nebraska 62
7. Minnesota 58
8. Michigan 56
9. Penn State 37
Tie-10. Maryland 28
Tie-10. Illannoy 28
12. Rutgers 24
13. Indiana 16
14. Purdon’t 15

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