Roger’s Ramblings – A Look Around the College Football Landscape (Week 5)

Let’s start this week by recapping some of the crazier endings in the afternoon contests (we’re not going to cover the plethora of rumors coming out of Tuscaloosa earlier last week because, well, the internet had that covered pretty well)….

Did everyone see the end of the TCU vs. Texas Tech game? Good. Did anyone else have flashbacks to Matt Davison and the 1997 Nebraska @ Missouri game? Good. The end of that game was absurd. Easily the most absurd thing we’ve seen thus far through 4 weeks (it almost got more absurd with Texas Tech trying to lateral their way to victory at the end).

While we’re on the subject of absurd, let’s talk about the ridiculousness that was the “Te” schools (Tennessee and Texas) on Saturday afternoon. These two can commiserate with each other after perfecting the art of shitting their pants (no, George, not literally shitting their pants).

Texas and Tennessee managed to find the most obscene ways to lose a game almost simultaneously (my sources tell me these feats were accomplished within 7 minutes of each other).

First, Texas was headed for overtime when their punter demonstrated his lack of interest in said extra time. Have a look (side note: calm down, Mike Gundy. Beating Texas is no feat these days).

Then, Tennessee did a Tennessee… becoming the first team this season to blow multiple double digit fourth quarter leads. Let’s give a big shout out to Mick Hubert on the call. Mick is the definition of a homer. He’s been calling shit like this for years and he’s beyond obnoxious. He’s the college football version of Hawk Harrelson. Oh My!

Anyways, I know what you’re thinking. That’s great, Roger, but what happened out west? Why doesn’t the left coast get any pub?

That’s a fair point. But, let’s make sure we exclude the state of Arizona from any conversation moving forward because they sufficiently demonstrated on Saturday night that their college football programs are frauds. Meanwhile, Utah……. whoa! I love my Ducks, but clearly it’s time for a new sheriff out west (note: don’t sleep on Stanford).

That’s enough for the big picture stuff. Let’s move on…..

A new play this week…. Things I Liked. Things I Didn’t Like. Things I Didn’t/Don’t Care About.

Things I Liked

  • Leonard Fournette – I’ll eat crow here. This guy is the real deal (note quite Darnell Autry real deal though). Watching him run is like watching Bo Jackson meets Herschel Walker meets Ricky Williams. This guy is good.
  • Arkansas Losing Again – Sadly, for Ryan Gosling (who had his own things to cry about at the end of his game against TCU), Arkansas didn’t get their proverbially asses whipped again. But, they did lose. And Bielema continues to lay claim to the title of biggest joke in the country.

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Florida Icing Tennessee’s Kicker – Did I not warn everyone about this last week? Icing the kicker only works if you actually ice the kicker…. not if you give the kicker a chance to warm up. As is customary, McElwain called timeout immediately before the first snap, so UT’s kicker got to go through with his warm up kick. It wasn’t close. He adjusted. He damn near made the second one from 55.
  • Referee Calling Ohio’s Kicker for a Delay of Game – Did you read the Florida scenario above? Well, the exact same thing played out in the Minnesota – Ohio game. Only this time the officials flagged Ohio’s kicker for going through with the practice kick. Ohio was backed up 5 yards and forced to try a Hail Mary on the next play…. game over. That’s a bunch of horse shit if you ask me.

Things I Didn’t/Don’t Care About

  • TCU’s Depleted Defense – Yes. TCU has been bit by the injury bug. But you know what? C’est la vie, baby! Next man up! I don’t care who is out there. If you’re giving up beaucoup points to unranked teams, then you shouldn’t be in the playoff conversation. Get your 4-2-5 figured out, Gary. You aren’t going to survive the gauntlet at the end of the year with this defense.
  • West Virginia – So…. Maryland is a joke. Sure, West Virginia waxed that ass (45-6), but Maryland got waxed by Bowling Green…. at home. West Virginia is now getting some pub and being mentioned as a dark horse in the Big8/10/12. Calm down…. wins against Georgia Southern, Liberty and Maryland do not warrant praise.

Let’s take a look back at last week and see how we did with our wild predictions

Georgia Tech (-9.5) @ Duke – Duke wins. Northwestern looks even better. Tech’s defense has trouble with Sirk and a vertical passing game. YUP!!!! On a Tuesdayyyyyyy! Roger was right here.

UCF @ South Carolina (-14.5) – UCF gets shut out. Nada. Zip. Zero. No points. NOT QUITE. In fact, UCF led this game for a bit. They did end up losing convincingly. 

Indiana @ Wake Forest (no line yet) – Indiana goes on the road and wins convincingly. Easily the worst 4-0 team in the country. KIND OF. IU got the W and covered the spread. But, it was close.

Tennessee @ Florida (-1.5) – In the words of the sage poet, Biggie, “blows was thrown and a f*cking fight broke out!”. Look for a fight and some ejections in this one. NO.. I DON’T THINK. But, Butch looked like he wanted to fight after his premature celebration

TCU (-7) @ Texas Tech – TCU doubles up Tech. Tech gets blown out. This time, Kingsbury gets his ass kicked, but the feud with Bielema continues with some ridiculous post game commentary. UH….. YIKES! This was way off and this game is currently the leading contender for Game of the Year. 

Here are some wild predictions for this week:

Notre Dame (-1) @ Clemson – Because this is becoming an unavoidable trend, ND loses another starter for the season.

Mississippi State @ Texas A&M (-7) – A&M by 3 scores.

Oregon (-7.5) @ Colorado – Oregon covers by a lot (20+). They may be fragile now, but Colorado is a joke. (note to the gamblers: this is one of the more bizarre lines I’ve seen recently)

Hawaii @ Boise State (-24.5) – Excited to finally kick off after 5am Hawaii time, Hawaii leads this one deep into the 2nd half.

Ole Miss (-7) @ Florida – Florida wins. The SEC is a mess! Go gata! oh…. take the under here too (50.5).

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