Power Rankings – Week 4

A rough outing for the ‘Cats last week against Ball State equals a drop in the B1G power rankings. But hey, at least we got that W. Northwestern has fallen to fourth in our WLW poll after being jumped by Wisconsin, and Michigan is hot on our heels with only two fewer points. Michigan looked awfully impressive last week with a beat down of BYU, and having only lost to a very good Utah team on the road thus far this year, the Fightin’ Harbaughs may be better than we thought.

We didn’t learn too much else about the B1G last week, as many teams played lesser opponents. Maryland did get blown out by West Virginia, dropping the Terrapins perilously close to last in our rankings – but take heart Terrapin fans, you’re still ahead of Purdue. Things are seemingly starting to clear up, but with B1G season just about to officially start, much can change very quickly.

The B1G West looks wide open at the moment, with Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and the ‘Cats all in the mix. Northwestern is facing Minnesota this weekend, and Wisconsin is taking on Iowa – both of these games should tell us a lot about where the teams are at, and go a long ways towards deciding the division. At the moment it seems that a team is going to have to go either 7-1 or 6-2 in B1G play to come out of the West, since both Iowa and Wisconsin have very easy schedules from here on out. In addition to playing all the teams in the West, Iowa has crossover games against Maryland and Indiana; Wisconsin has crossover games against Maryland and Rutgers. That makes Northwestern’s games against the Hawkeyes and Badgers even more important – as those could be our only opportunities to make up ground.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – if there’s anything I’ve learned from watching college football over the years, it’s that anyone can lose to anyone on a given Saturday. These are teenagers playing the game, not pros. As Maryland coach Randy Edsall said this week, ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.’ He may not have understood what the Forrest Gump quote meant when he said it, but you get the point.

First things first – Minnesota this week. Let’s beat the Gophers. On to the rankings.

Team Points
1. Ohio State (6) 97
2. Michigan State (1) 92
3. Wisconsin 80
4. Northwestern 74
5. Michigan 72
6. Iowa 66
7. Nebraska 55
8. Minnesota 50
9. Penn State 42
10. Indiana 36
11. Illannoy 24
12. Rutgers 21
13. Maryland 14
14. Purdon’t 10

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