Power Rankings – Week Five

The West Lot Warrior power rankings are back, and the ‘Cats are back on the rise after a 27-0 stomping of Minnesota. Northwestern looks to be for real, and even received a first place vote from one of the Warriors this week – especially after lackluster wins from Michigan State and Ohio State. The ‘Cats are now set up for a huge meeting at the Big House with the Wolverines and Harbaugh this weekend, who are sitting behind the ‘Cats at 4 in the WLW polls. That game should go a long ways towards deciding the shake-out for the top ranks of the B1G. On to the rankings:

Team Points
1. Ohio State (4) 94
2. Michigan State (1) 91
3. Northwestern (1) 84
4. Michigan 78
5. Iowa 72
6. Wisconsin 61
7. Indiana 53
8. Illannoy 41
9. Penn State 40
10. Minnesota 39
11. Nebraska 37
12. Maryland 16
13. Rutgers 15
14. Purdon’t 13

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