Prediction Friday – Nebraska


All the Warriors see the Cats continuing their October losing streak. Doesn’t look to be a good day for the Cats. Come join us at Kincades to enjoy the coin toss!!

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon
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Roger reclaims his #1 spot after picking the Hawkeyes with Paul last week. Paul and Roche are battling out for the #2 spot.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon


Welp, last week wasn’t pretty. Neither was the week before that. The ‘Cats were outscored 78-10 by Michigan and Iowa. Yikes. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m sure Fitzgerald’s coaching record in October is abysmal – and this year isn’t bucking the trend. The good news – we only need one more win to become bowl eligible. The bad news – I don’t think we’re going to get it this week.

Game Summary: My only real ray of optimism for this game is that the ‘Cats have tended to play well in past games in Lincoln. We won there in 2011 in the awesome Kain Colter “Superman” game, and lost on a Hail Mary in 2013. In fact, last year’s game was really the first in the series since the Huskers joined the B1G that didn’t come down to the wire.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this game is going to come down to the wire. Nebraska can air it out and score – which means they’re a bad matchup for us. I see us getting down early in this one, and never really being able to recover…considering we can’t score points. Mick McCall needs to be more inventive and open up the offense – it’s dumbfounding that he hasn’t taken more risks this year and attempted more downfield plays. What’s the harm in trying something different, especially when your team has put up 10 points in two weeks? Hoping to see Clayton air it out more in this game – there is no harm in trying.

Game Score: The Real NU 13 – Nebraska 33

Player to Watch: Anthony Walker. After a dominant start to the season, I haven’t noticed him at all the past few weeks. He’s still on the team, right?

Play of the Game: Jack Mitchell kicking some 3 pointers baby.

Warrior to Watch: Grayhack. Why not?

Other Game to Watch: Memphis at Tulsa. Memphis is undefeated and just beat Ole Miss. Also I saw them play a game, and they run a really fun style of offense. It’d be cool to have them go undefeated, just to see what the Playoff committee would do. Also, D Rose went there – so there’s that.


Ha!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! You call that coaching?!?!?! You call that an offense?!?!?!?!

I’m now in full on ridicule mode. Can you blame me? We’re witnessing a full blown train wreck, and there are no brake pads (no such thing as last) on this train.

So, let’s get this straight. We’ve been outscored 78-10 over the last 2 weeks, we’re headed to play in the most hostile environment we’ve played in thus far and we have Mick(ey Mouse) running our offense. You expect a win? Shit…. you better hope we’re competitive…. because this one has laugher written all over it.

Game Summary: We’ll win the toss and defer. Because, you know, when you really want to set the tone that’s what you do. Right, Fitz? Nebraska will move down the field and score a TD. How are they going to do this? They’re going to exploit us with the tape they have from Michigan and Iowa. Why is that going to work? Because our coaches don’t adjust. So…. they’re going to run a shit ton of misdirections, crack our DBs and scamper down the sidelines.

After the 7-0 start, we’ll all know it’s over.

I’ve got nothing more to add.

Game Score: Children of the Corn 34 – Cats 6

Player to Watch: Clayton and Mick….. forever more. I’m also going to agree with Bag, though. Anthony Walker needs to demonstrate he’s still on the team. Cakes, forget what the coaches have told you (because they have no clue what they’re saying) and just play based on instinct here.

Play of the Game: Cats win the toss and defer

Warrior to Watch: Let’s go with one-eyed Z Von. He’ll be at Kincade’s on Saturday. Maybe I’ll join him too just to rally the troops and get some more traffic to

Other Game to Watch: Utah @ USC. Are you kidding me right here? Utah is a 3 point dog. They are ranked #3 in the nation playing an unranked SC team who just canned their coach a week and a half ago. I know nobody thinks Utah is actually the real deal (like my boy Darnell Autry in ’95), but shit….. can’t they get some respect? Utah will be pissed and will win big.


Game Summary:  Eh, whatever. I don’t know how they can win if they keep running that vanilla offense. Maybe they can hold Nebraska down, but with the Huskers’ ability to air it out, I don’t see that happening. I’m also working again this weekend. After the last two games, I’d much rather be on Labor and Delivery than watch the ‘Cats again this week.

Game Score: Huskers 16 – ‘Cats 13

Player to Watch: Bigsby. Anyone on offense I guess. Let’s score some points.

Play of the Game: Defer. Can I say none?

Warrior to Watch: Paul! It has to be Paul. He’s a Husker fan also!

Other Game to Watch: Penn State – MD. The Nittany Lions will prolly win this one going away because MD is a hot mess. Maybe PSU can win a few games to have their egos boosted coming into playing the ‘Cats in a couple weeks,.


Game Summary: In the words of John Denver, “Take me home country roads take me home to the place I belong.” The ‘Cats will be out in the country on Saturday, and they are going to get home soon after this one. The great collapse of 2015 continues with another laughable game plan from Mick McCall. The defense hold for as long as they can, but eventually the floodgates open. ‘Cats lose big again and our offense falls to the WORST in the FBS.

Game Score: Neb 31 – NU 10

Player to Watch: Anyone on defense – what kind of shade did Fitz and his staff pull over our eyes in the first 5 weeks? No one looks competent anymore. Everyone who we thought looked like a stud has been totally exposed in the last two games. Will someone return to form or is this really the team we have on our hands? Unfortunately, I think the only player who was actually legit was Matt Harris and he’s banged up. Get well soon brotha.

Play of the Game: Speed option to the left for a loss of 5.

Warrior to Watch: ZVon, cause, well, it’s ZVon.

Other Game to Watch: Utah @ USC. USC is favored by 3.5 here. Am I missing something? Might be profitable to book a flight to Vegas just to place a bet on this one.


Game Summary: Cats still can’t put anything together on the offensive side and with Nebraska getting back into their groove I don’t see our offensive putting up many yards against the Blackshirts this time around. Defense doesn’t do that bad, but a pick 6 from Thorson and a sack fumble on our side of the field will lead the fans to beg for Alviti to see some time. Motion denied. Cats never have a shot at this one, but do score a CLUTCH field goal late in the third quarter (more below). The team I was raised on makes me wish I could go back to better times of Fmr. Rep. Tom Osborne and Frank Solich.

Game Score: Huskers 27 – Cats 3

Player to Watch: Mick McCall. Watch out for this one as @ADayNU will be on his couch with his thumbs on the Twitter trigger. If he can’t put together a competent game plan in week 7, this will be the game boosters and fans will point to to justify his shitcanning.

Play of the Game: Cats down 17 in the 3rd quarter on 4th and 2 on the Neb 25 opt for a FG. IT’S GOOD!!

Warrior to Watch: It’s Hack’s birthday weekend so I gotta go with him here. On an unrelated note, I may bring my cornhead to Kincade’s and throw that bad boy on if the Cats are miserable.

Other Game to Watch: Boring week. I’d say watching the Aggies hand Ole Miss their 3rd loss of the season would be great. Leigh Anne Tuohy will be crying in the stands.



Game Summary: ‘Cats look bad all day.  JJ actually gets close to 100 yards but that’s because it really didn’t matter once he started piling them up.  Huskers move the ball at will.  ‘Cats get exploited on defense.  This one isn’t a laugher but it never was close.  Nebraska rolls.

Game Score: Nebraska 28 – NU 7

Player to Watch: McCall – the guy is not a good coach.  Our offense should be better than we are – but we aren’t.  Somebody needs to answer for this stuff.

Play of the Game: Walker gets a fumble recovery when the game is out of hand.  Next play, Thorson throws a pick.  Huzzah!

Warrior to Watch: Roger – we likely are watching the game together and he needs to study later in the day, but with McCall’s calls being a flaming piece of garbage – we will see how angry and drunk Rog can get…



Game Score: The corn lovers by 10


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