Roger’s Ramblings – A Look Around the College Football Landscape (Week 9)

What a time to be alive!!! Am I right? Mark Jones thinks so.

This is now 2 weeks in a row that truly absurd shit has happened on a special teams play that was also the final play of the game. That’s not something you see every year. So maybe it is a great time to be alive. It sure is for the Jackets!

It might not be so great for Baylor fans, though. Art Briles and Baylor looked destined for the final four that they were shutout of last year. Oklahoma is good, but they wouldn’t keep up with Baylor. TCU is good too, but they might have given up 80 to Baylor. And then….. BAM! This happened. It remains to be seen just how this will alter the course of Baylor’s season (backup Jarrett Stidham is no joke with a 255.7 QB rating in mop up time), but surely it’s going to have some impact. It’s also likely going to impact my projected final four from last week. I don’t see the Bears navigating the upcoming November gauntlet unscathed with a true freshman at QB. You know what that means? It means I’m a huge Stanford Cardinal fan because I’m starting to get very worried about the enemy in South Bend.

In other news, Alabama continued to look mediocre with another nailbiter against an unranked opponent. What’s annoying about this is not that Alabama wins close games against mediocre teams, but it’s how they are rewarded for winning close games against mediocre teams. Let me remind everyone that, at this point in the season, Alabama has played 1 game against a ranked opponent. That game was against Ole Miss. It was a loss…. at home. So why are they the top ranked 1 loss team in the polls? Why does someone have the audacity to give them a #1 vote this week in the AP poll and pretty much discredit the existence of any poll? Oh…. because Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News has a vote in the AP poll. That’s right, this clown has Alabama ranked as the #1 team in the country. Wins and losses must not mean much to Jon. Thanks for sabotaging the polls, though!

Lastly, let’s give a big shout out to Meg-O. Last Thursday, Meg-O suggested that I was trolling her by stating my confidence in the BuckNuts. Well, I wasn’t trolling her, but I was glad to hear that she is one 7 weekly readers (shout to Marcel as well). As such, she was rewarded with OSU’s big, giant shellacking of Rutgers on Saturday night. The BuckNuts have the potential to be a well oiled machine by season’s end. Karma is on Meg-O’s side as long as she continues to read.

That’s a good summary from last week because, all in all, it was a pretty uneventful weekend on the field. Off the field…… not so much.

What the hell is going on off the field with coaches getting sacked and/or resigning? We have to be setting some sort of record this year for the most Power 5 jobs available in midseason. AfterAl Golden was canned and Kill resigned over health concerns, we now have midseason openings at USC (Sarkisian), the other USC (Spurrier), Illinois (Beckman), Illinois (Edsall), Miami (Golden), Minnetonka (Kill), UCF (O’Leary), and North Texas (McCarney).

I ask this of you…. for those coaches canned (not retired/resigned) midseason, what in the hell do those programs think they’re accomplishing? What good does it do to sack Randy Edsall at this point? or Al Golden? Is your season going magically turn around? Are all the recruits that you couldn’t get in the first place going to come to College Park or Coral Gables now because you have no coach in the middle of the year? No….. they aren’t. So, suck it up and wait for the opportune time to make a change. And if you’re wondering, that’s not in the middle of the f*cking season.

I digress….

What game should we play this week? Hmmm…..


Let’s play “Your Team is an Absolute Underachieving Joke this Year”

1. Auburn – Not a lot to say here. Auburn is in serious jeopardy of missing out on a bowl game…. and they were predicted by many to win the SEC West and compete for a spot in the Playoffs. Yikes. Malzahn might want to look for a real estate agent. This shit doesn’t fly down there.

2. Nebraska – This isn’t nearly as bad as Auburn, but Nebraska is in really serious jeopardy of missing a bowl game. After the ‘Cats handed them their 5th loss over the weekend, Nebraska is in full on train wreck mode. I still think Riley is/was a good hire, but keep in mind Pelini never won less than 9 games. Riley officially has 0 chance of reaching that mark now.

3. Virginia Tech – VT suffered some bad luck with an injury to their starting QB against the BuckNuts in week 1, but underachieving is becoming a recurring theme in Blacksburg. Now sitting at 3-5, at least VT was able to beat Purdue, right?

4. Oregon – At least the Ducks are not in full on train wreck mode like some others, but this is clearly a huge letdown from seasons past. We’re used to Nike (read Oregon) reloading on an annual basis and competing for championships. That didn’t happen this year. Something looked off in Week 1 against Eastern Washington and it has carried through the entire season. At 4-3, the Ducks are just hoping they don’t get matched up with the ‘Cats in the Holiday Bowl or the Foster Farms Bowl.

Ok.. Let’s see how we did last week.

  • Memphis (-10.5) @ Tulsa – Riding high after last week’s win against Land Shark Lager defense, Memphis goes down here as they sleep walk through the first half. NOPE. Memphis kept scoring…..
  • Utah @ (-3.5) USC – Not sure if you can call this an upset, but Utah by 2 scores. Their defense is legitimate and USC has had trouble with the pass rush (see Washington). OYE… NO WAY. Utah looked bad.
  • Ohio State (-21) @ Rutgers – A scare! Rutgers leads this one DEEP into the game. Perhaps until the final drive. OSU pulls it out though. NOPE…. not even remotely close. It was 49-0 OSU late in the 4th though.
  • Washington @ Stanford (no line yet) – Washington pulls off the upset. Stanford’s title chances are shot. WRONG AGAIN! Stannies looks really good.
  • Western Kentucky @ LSU (-17) – Western Kentucky isn’t god awful, thus LSU will have to keep their foot on the gas. The result? Fournette for 250+. NAH. 0 for 5. This one was directionally accurate. 

What’s that? You want some predictions for this week? Fine…. here they are:

  • West Virginia @ TCU (-13) – TCU goes down. Notre Dame inches closer to the Playoff. Help us, Stanford (or Temple… or anyone else playing ND)!!!!
  • Oregon @ Arizona State (65 O/U) – At least 90 points are scored in this late evening affair in the desert.
  • Illinois @ Penn State (-4.5) – The Illini make mincemeat of PSU’s O line, record 6+ sacks and win the game
  • Clemson (-10.5) @ NC State – They have to pull a Clemson at some point, right? Not here. But, NC State leads going into the 4th.
  • Georgia @ Florida (-3) – The Cocktail Party – Ejections, ejections and more ejections! In what is a huge rivalry game, look for some quality brawls in the Ville.

As they say in China, au revoir!

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