Prediction Friday – Bye Week

All the Warriors are certainly thankful for the bye this week. Most of the Warriors see NU going 1-0 this week. Hack and ZVon have the two storied Evanston establishments, The Keg of Evanston, and The Mark II Lounge aka “The Deuce” coming away with the win. Roche going with the dark horse of “bedtime”.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon

After everyone picked the corn shuckers last week, the standings remain the same. Five of the seven warriors are at .500 while Roche and Paul are at .625 and Roger retains the #1 spot at .750.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon


Game Summary: We go 1-0 this week.

Score: John Shurna 21 – Pat Houlihan 4 (in a pickup game to 21)

Highlight of the Game: Mick McCall pops a boner while watching the music video to “She Wolf” in the football offices.

Player to Watch: Matt Harris. Praying he’s better soon.

Other Game to Watch: None. Football waits for us while we rest this week.


Game Summary: CATS WIN!!

Score: Paul Huettner 10 (out of 10) for his Colonel Bernie Sanders costume this weekend. Free drumsticks for all and extensive business regulation for Popeyes.

Highlight of the Game: Mick McCall gets caught doing naked hot yoga in the training room Sunday morning by the cleaning staff.

Player to Watch: Solomon Vault. Hopefully he finds a way to stay hydrated this weekend.

Warrior to Watch: ZVE. What will happen when Jay “Mr. 4th Quarter” Cutler deals the Vikes a final minute loss?

Other Game to Watch: Vikings @ Bears. Mike Raab is in town and Greg has tickets to the game!!


Game Summary: ‘Cats win! ‘Cats win!

Game Score: ‘Cats 1 – Bye 0

Highlight of the Game: McCall goes as Chip Kelly for Halloween. Game planning skillz still don’t improve though.

Player to Watch: Dan Vitale. I feel like he’s gotta be one of the bigger party animals on the team, and I hear the ‘Cats are having a Halloween shindig tonight. Good clean American fun.

Warrior to Watch: All of us, getting some much deserved rest. Some nice down time to help prepare for next week, when we’ll be back at it in the West Lot against Penn State.

Other Game to Watch: Temple v. ND. Do us a solid, Owls.


Game Summary: The odds of us winning this week are as low as they’ve ever been. Lower than they ever were in the Dark Ages. But, I have a feeling about this one….. ‘Cats pull off the upset! The students tear down the goal posts and carry them all the way down Central Street before lake-ing them (RIP LTP).

Game Score: Not sure of the actual score, but a definite nailbiter. ‘Cats by 2.

Highlight of the Game: The Juice Squad dresses up like juice for Halloween and gets the ‘Cats amped up (here are directions for said costume).

Player to Watch: Thorson and Mick… per usual. My sources tell me Clayton will be dressing as Mick and Mick will be dressing as Clayton. Look for the play calling to improve and our completion percentage to skyrocket. Mick actually has a pretty good arm (true story).

Warrior to Watch: Gotta be Bags, right? What’s he wearing for Halloween? Nobody knows, but we’ll post pictures as soon as we find out. Also, Bags is taking the GMAT tomorrow afternoon. A true, loyal ‘Cats fan there…. scheduling the test during a bye week.

Other Game to Watch: The Cocktail Party…. it’s always a good time in the ‘Ville. Watch Mark Richt coach his final game against Florida.


Game Summary: ‘Cats players go HAM this weekend – just at the Deuce or some #frat party and not on the field.  Last time these guys were in Evanston during a Saturday, they got smoked.  This weekend, they’ll get tanked.  Party on, boys, but be ready come Monday to hit the ol’ practice field.

Game Score:It’ll be a nail biter, but my guess is more than a few ‘Cats score this weekend (maybe even with a Cat woman?).  ‘Cats win big.

Highlight of the Game: Mick McCall walks into a bar.

Player to Watch: Steven Reese – is this dancing sensation going to bust a move this weekend?

Warrior to Watch: Grayhack – only can that guy think up what he is being for Halloween (full disclosure: I don’t know what he is going to be but I know it’s going to be crAaAaAaAZzZZzZy)

Other Game to Watch: Vikings vs Bears.  Go Vikes.  Maybe I can even watch with friends without having to ask them to change the channel and annoying all in the bar.


Game Summary: In a shock, the Keg of Evanston reopens. The people go crazy.

Game Score: Cats win, but who cares 3.50 big cups!!!!! #dollaroff

Highlight: Fight on the dance floor, but George the bouncer breaks that shit up real quick.

Player to Watch: Dancing Man – The Heath Ledger look alike takes the floor by storm and all the people love his next level moves.

Warrior to Watch: ROGER – Will Roger be leaving his couch this Saturday, signs point to yes, but who knows.

Other Game to Watch: Alabama vs the Tuscaloosa Police Department: With the bye this week, can the Tide avoid having multiple players arrested? #doubtful


Game Summary: Cats sleep in and have a strong breakfast of oatmeal and leafy greens. They study hard and have a workout before heading to bed at a reasonable hour.  [Editor’s Note: It works for the NFL!]

Final Score: Bed by 9 pm

Player to Watch: Them all. I expect them all to have meals high in fiber, lean proteins and veggies.

Warrior to Watch: Everyone. Who’s gonna have the best costume?!

Other game to Watch: PSU-Illinois.

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