Roger’s Ramblings – A Look Around the College Football Landscape (Week 11)

I was gone for a week. I took a bye week (along with the ‘Cats) and spent some time in Riviera Maya. But, let’s get real here. You didn’t miss me…..

I’m back anyways. Here we go….

A lot has happened since we last convened. But, perhaps most importantly for us, the College Football Playoff Committee has now released 2 issues of rankings. I don’t have much of a gripe about the difference between rankings in week 1 and week 2 (aside from the random Iowa surge after beating Indiana), but I am going to ramble about the thing in its entirety.

Two years ago, Alabama lost to Auburn on a fluke last second field goal returned for a touchdown. Auburn subsequently went on to play in the National Championship Game. After the Iron Bowl, I noted that Alabama was still the best team in the country – regardless of whether they would be playing for the title or not. Simply put, if Alabama showed up and gave an A effort, they were not going to lose to anyone. But, you know what? They didn’t show up and give an A effort every game, so they paid the price. That’s the way it is.

Well….. apparently that’s the way it was. Because now the College Football Playoff Committee appears to be playing the same eye test game that I played 2 years ago. That’s fine. But, shouldn’t we be rewarding a team for having the best season? I don’t give a shit if they are the best team. Quite frankly, if Bama comes to play and brings their A game, they are probably one of the top 4 teams in the country. Same with OSU. Hell… same with USC. But, when Bama loses AT HOME to an unranked Ole Miss team, then they should pay the price. Teams that play Power 5 schedules and make it through unscathed should not be punished by the fact that Bama would beat them if they played their A game.

Sorry…. if you don’t bring your A game and win every week, then you have no room to bitch about being left out of the playoff. Somebody put me on the committee!!!!

Moving on…..

Let’s talk about officiating. I’ve seen some of the worst officiating in memory the last few weeks. I’m not going to go all out blaming officials though. No. That’s pointless. Why? Because this isn’t a full time gig for any of them. All of them get a weekend stipend, pack up their cars on Friday and drive to their regional destination for the weekend. But, that begs the question…. why isn’t this a full time gig? With the economic stakes at play nowadays in many games (like it or not), the difference between a New Year’s 6 Bowl and the Capital One Citrus Bowl is pretty damn drastic (I’m looking at you officials in the MSU – Nebraska game who likely cost MSU a New Year’s 6 bid). We don’t need amateurs who would otherwise be mowing their lawn determining whether Texas Tech has enough money to fund men’s and women’s soccer next year. Can we pay the damn officials an actual salary and make this a full time gig?!?! At least for the 4-5 months that we’re in season here?!?!??! Shit……

Ok…. let’s talk about some of the action.

In the spirit of mixing things up, I’m going to list out the 5 most impressive victories from the previous week:

1. Alabama

This is pretty obvious. Yes, LSU was probably overrated. Still…. any time you dismantle a top 10 team (the game was never, ever in question) then you deserve some serious credit. Again, Bama may be the best team in the country when they show up. That doesn’t mean they should be ranked #1.

2. Navy

I can’t say that I was terribly surprised by this. Did anyone actually expect Memphis to have the slightest clue what they were doing against the triple option? Nevertheless, it was awesome to see Navy get their first win against a ranked team in 31 years. They did so in convincing fashion. This squad is quite good. This was also fun because, in a roundabout way, it’s making Ole Miss (and Alabama’s loss to Ole Miss) look even shittier.

3. Oklahoma State

I’ve gone on record multiple times this year saying that TCU is highly overrated, and, realistically, is a borderline top 20 team. Having said that, I had no confidence that T. Boone’s team was any better. Apparently they are. I doubt they make it through the season unscathed, but they have a fighting chance at this point.

4. Iowa

I know what you’re thinking…. “what?”. Yea. Iowa. They beat an Indiana team that has not won a game in B1G play yet, but this had all the makings of a trap game and IU is actually far better than their record indicates. I give Iowa major props for not tripping up here in what would have been a typical Iowa failure.

5. North Carolina

Holy shit! I know this matchup has not been favorable for Duke over the years, but whoa!! North Carolina had eclipsed the 400 yard passing mark at halftime against a very good Duke secondary. The route was on early and never stopped. UNC has a real shot at sabotaging the ACC’s chances in the Playoff as they are likely headed for an ACC Championship encounter with #1 Clemson.

How did we do 2 weeks ago….???

  • West Virginia @ TCU (-13) – TCU goes down. Notre Dame inches closer to the Playoff. Help us, Stanford (or Temple… or anyone else playing ND)!!!! NO…. But, TCU did get smoked the following week.
  • Oregon @ Arizona State (65 O/U) – At least 90 points are scored in this late evening affair in the desert. WINNER. WINNER. We went over 100 in this one.
  • Illinois @ Penn State (-4.5) – The Illini make mincemeat of PSU’s O line, record 6+ sacks and win the game UH…. This was ugly in PSU’s favor. Thankfully, the ‘Cats beat them over the weekend.
  • Clemson (-10.5) @ NC State – They have to pull a Clemson at some point, right? Not here. But, NC State leads going into the 4th. KIND OF. This game was close throughout.
  • Georgia @ Florida (-3) – The Cocktail Party – Ejections, ejections and more ejections! In what is a huge rivalry game, look for some quality brawls in the Ville. I DON’T THINK SO… but UGA might as well have not shown up.

Oh… here’s some fun for this weekend::

  • USC (-16.5) @ Colorado – USC hangs 60 on the Buffs. Because why not?
  • Pitt @ Duke (50.5 O/U) – We don’t even reach half of the O/U in this one.
  • Ohio State (-16) @ Illinois – We are all scared shitless as Illinois has a chance to win the game with a long last second field goal. It gets blocked.
  • NC State @ FSU (-9.5) – Noles go down, opening the door for the ‘Cats to move up.
  • Oklahoma @ Baylor (-2.5) – This game is surprisingly defensive. Oklahoma wins…. never trails for a second.

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