Power Rankings – Week Ten

Another week gone by, and another undefeated team bites the dust. Michigan State went down to Nebraska last Saturday night on an egregious refereeing error, falling from the ranks of the undefeated and dropping to third in our power rankings. With five minutes to go Sparty seemed in total control of the game, but for once they were on the receiving end of a gut punch – maybe it was retaliation for the kick in the nuts they gave to the Wolverines earlier this year. The B1G East is  very much up for grabs, with OSU, MSU, Big Blue and believe it or not Penn State all still in the mix.

Iowa kept Iowa’ing along with a solid victory over Indiana, and now faces Minnesota this weekend. I think Minnesota is much better than their record indicates, since four of their five losses came against teams currently ranked in the top 20. They should have beaten Michigan, and were pretty competitive with Ohio State last week. The Hawkeye loss watch is at full alert on Saturday. Even with one loss, Iowa will still cruise into the B1G title game – lose two, however, and things get much dicier.

Wisconsin just keeps trucking along, piling up the wins after two early season defeats. The Badgers have only lost to two of the current top five teams (Alabama and Iowa), but haven’t really beaten anyone of note. How good are they really? A showdown with the ‘Cats in two weeks should be quite telling.

Speaking of our ‘Cats – how ’bout ’em? Ranked #18 in the country, with three high quality wins, and our only two losses coming against high quality teams (albeit absolute blowouts). That Stanford win just keeps looking better and better – it’s certainly a huge factor as to how high Northwestern is currently ranked. Speaking of that ranking – the purple faithful are starting to whisper about their New Year’s plans as we are still very much alive for a New Year’s Six Bowl game. Those highly touted slots go to the top 12-ish teams in the country, but we figure the ‘Cats will have to get about as high as 11 to be selected. It’s certainly a possibility with only three games left to go – including one this weekend against Purdue, who sits in dead last in the WLW power rankings. It’s trap games like these where the ‘Cats tend to come out flat…we’ll see if that changes on Saturday. For once I’m calling Purdue by their actual name (no more Purdon’t) – we’ll see if the ‘Cats show them the same level of respect come Saturday.

And before we get to the actual rankings, it’s time for another quick installment of Trent’s Top Four(s), where I rank random things in groups of four.

Movie Trilogies

  1. Star Wars
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Back to the Future
  4. National Treasure

Seasons of the Year

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter


  1. Carrots
  2. Avocado (is it a vegetable?)
  3. Artichoke
  4. Brussel Sprouts

Dirt Cheap Beers

  1. Busch Lite
  2. Natty Lite
  3. Red Dog
  4. Beer 30

That was fun. Now for the actual power rankings:

Team Points
1. Ohio State (7) 98
2. Iowa 87
3. Michigan State 83
4. Michigan 82
5. Wisconsin 68
6. Northwestern 65
7. Penn State 55
8. Minnesota 42
9. Indiana 40
10. Illannoy (tie) 36
10. Nebraska (tie) 36
12. Maryland 16
13. Rutgers 15
14. Purdue 12

unnamed (1)


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