Prediction Friday – Purdue

Here’s our final home game prediction of the year. All the Warriors think that the Boilermakers will be no match for the Cats this Saturday.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon

Andy and Roger failed miserably in their blowout loss predictions last week. Thankfully they have some more confidence this week, but that won’t change the fact that Roger gave up sole title to the top picker this year with Roche and Paul moving up to the top spot alongside him.  Shoutout to Hack for missing the correct score by 3 points, albeit shared by both teams, with his 24-23 prediction.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon

Onto the predictions…



I’m way too optimistic about this one. That never seems to go well.

Having said that, Purdue is really, really bad…. most of the time. They were competitive against MSU and they did beat Nebraska (with the help of Ryker Fyfe), but they’re bad. End of story.

Game Summary: Purdue got absolutely gashed on the ground last week. They gave up almost 400 yards rushing to Illinois. Running is our strong(er) suit. So, I’m a little worried that my friend Mick will rely way too heavily on the run in the beginning. That will be predictable and it will result in multiple stalled drives early.

I expect this one to be decently close at the half as a result of the aforementioned and Purdue’s ability to occasionally muster a drive.

I’ll say 10 – 7 ‘Cats at the half.

The second half, hopefully, will be a different story. We’ll start to exert our force and the D line will wreak havoc, force some turnovers and create short fields for the offense. Look for (what is very rare) red zone success this week.

‘Cats win

Score: 31 – 16 Cats

Play of the Game: On Senior Day, Dean Lowry goes HAM. Lowry has a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery and TD all on the same play early in the 3rd.

Player to Watch: Clayton and Mick. Forever more. This won’t change for the rest of 2015. We’ll reassess in 2016.

Warrior to Watch: Z Von. He’s a game time decision. Sources say his ties (whatever they may be) to Iowa are going to draw him to Kinnick for the Iowa – ‘Tonka game. Let’s hope that’s not the case because one-eyed Z Von was out in full force last weekend and certainly helped the ‘Cats to victory.

Game to Watch: Oregon @ Stannies. Let’s hope the Cardinal keep rolling.


Game Summary: Purdue is bad.  ‘Cats are a solid B1G team that has surpassed our expectations.  It’s been fun so far this year.  Let’s hope they keep it going.  I think we start poorly against Purdue and they play a bad first half but I think Thorson runs for some nice gains and we lead at half.  Second half is all ‘Cats, all day.  Purdue fans are going to want to come bowling with us, but they won’t be.  Go back to Pawnee.

Score: NU 34 – Purdue 10

Play of the Game: JJ takes a second half, first-Cats-series handoff 75 to the HOUSE.

Player to Watch: Clayton – how will he play after being injured?  If he struggles, does SNAX get a look?

Warrior to Watch: Rog – something tells me he is planning on keeping it chill.  If ‘Cats start blowing it, do the wheels fall off (but seriously they could literally fall off the van at any time)?

Game to Watch: Iowa – Minnesota – MN has played well against two (probably) better teams in Michigan and Ohio State…will they play well?



Game Summary: Cats dominate this one the entire game defensively. Thorson comes out and show the leg is a-o-k. Expect an offensive blast from the beginning which take the Cats into the locker rooms up 17-3. Purdue gets a FG and punt blocked in the 3rd quarter of which the punt is returned by Walker Texas Ranger Jr. for a TD. NU stacks on some more points while the boilermakers get some garbage team points for the NCAA fantasy players out there. Ultimately, Purdue is relegated back to being the worst team in the conference. The Warriors celebrate in the West Lot and retire Rose for the season to this song. Will she rise from the grave next summer? Only time will tell.

Score: NU 35 – Purdue 16

Play of the Game: Blocked FG AND a punt returned for a TD by the Cats.

Player to Watch: Bigsby. He’s back on the field and needs some good practice time this Saturday to get ready for the Badgers.

Warrior to Watch: ZVE. Will he show up?! There’s whispers he may go to Iowa this weekend instead. Will he really miss the senior game and leave all the grunt work to Rog, Trent, and yours truly!?

Game to Watch: TCU vs. Kansas. Gonna be a nailbiter!!!


Game Summary, a Haiku: Ol’ Purdue will lose
                                                             Darrell Bevell sings the blues
                                                               Of this you all knew


Score: NU 28 – Purdue 7

Plays of the Game: Deonte Gibson injures two Purdue quarterback on consecutive plays.

Class to Watch: Seniors it’s their day, time to thank them for four(two) good years

Warrior to Watch: Trent: Rumor has it that #Bagnation will be at the game, will Trent lead them in a round or six of shots?

Game to Watch: Alabama vs Miss St. – This reeks of a trap game to me for ye old Tide.


Purdue is not very good. They have two wins on the year, and one of them an FCS team in Indiana State. That’s where Larry Bird went to college, so it’s safe to assume the Sycamores are not known for their football acumen.

The #18 ‘Cats are 7-2, and that’s with a top 20 strength of schedule too. How we got here, I don’t really know. To quote the late Jerry Garcia, “what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Game Summary: I see a much closer game than many people expect, and think the ‘Cats will come out sluggish. Purdue will hang around by pounding the rock, eating up clock, and stifling the ‘Cats offense. Clayton Bigsby Thorson is expected to play, but I have to imagine he’s not going to have as much mobility as he did a week ago. We never did find out what his injury was, but it seemed like an issue with his hip which cannot be fun to run with. Jack Mitchell comes up big with four field goals to lead the ‘Cats to victory, but the Boilermakers cover the spread.

Game Score: NU 26 – Purdue 20

Play of the Game: Solomon Vault takes a screen pass 50 yards for a TD.

Player to Watch: Clayton Bigsby Thorson. How will he look after suffering an injury last week?

Warrior to Watch: Everyone. Last tailgate of the season.

Other Game to Watch: Oklahoma @ Baylor.


Game Summary: Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea what this game is going to look like.

Game Score: NU 2 – Purdue 0

Play of the Game: Clearly the go ahead safety.

Player to Watch: Thorson, obvi.

Warrior to Watch: ZVon. Will he even show up? Sources say questionable.

Other Game to Watch: NU vs UMass Lowell – How will the ‘Cats look in their first contest of the season? Is the Vic Law injury a big deal? A guy I went to high school with played at UML for a season (he shot 43% from 3-PT land, not bad).


Game Summary: It’s a game the ‘Cats should win by a lot. Which means it’ll be close as heck and the game plan will be really boring. Look for a lot of running and PUNTS

Score: 24-14 ‘Cats

Play of the Game: Miles Shuler does something wonderful on special teams

Player to Watch: Bigsby, cuz obvi

Warrior to Watch: Roger. Rumor has it that he is driving to the game and will only partake in a few adult beverages LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL he’s definitely picking up his car Sunday morning

Game to Watch: Illinois – Ohio State. Cuz it’ll be fun to see the Illini humiliated by the Bucks.


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