Power Rankings – Week 12

It’s power rankings week 12 time, and for once the Warriors are in total disagreement about the state of the B1G. In an unprecedented move, three different teams are getting first place votes, with  Iowa, Michigan State and Ohio State all receiving multiple top votes. Somehow two people voted OSU first, while one put them all the way back in sixth place – a testament to the vehement dissent running amongst the Warriors’ midst at the moment.

Michigan State knocked down OSU in Columbus this past Saturday, and shook things up entirely in the B1G East race (not to mention the College Football Playoffs). On the road, with Connor Cook out of the game, Sparty found a way to pull out a gutsy three point win and take control of their own destiny. Beat Penn State and Iowa, vault into the top four and the playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs, Iowa jumped up into the fourth spot in the CFP rankings, and first in our WLW poll. The Hawkeyes just keep racking up wins, and after handling Purdue last week they assumed Ohio State’s old spot. Iowa has two tough upcoming contests – starting with a road game in Lincoln, NE on Friday that should get as rowdy as a bouncy house at the Nebraska state fair. That’s followed by a showdown against one of Michigan State, Michigan or the Buckeyes. The Hawkeyes win out and they’ll be in the playoffs – which is crazy to even fathom.

Ok, so we’ve gotten multiple paragraphs in and haven’t even mentioned the ‘Cats. THE ‘CATS! 9-2, #16 in the CFP rankings, and up at #5 in the WLW poll. As hard as it is to believe that we’re in this position based on the team’s outlook coming into the year, it’s almost as hard to believe that we beat Wisconsin on Saturday. I watched the game unfold, and I still can’t really believe what happened.

Wisconsin imploded at the end after they had been in total control with first down and the ball on the one yard line, and the ‘Cats pulled out a beautifully ugly 13-7 win in Madison. You have to feel for the Badgers as they suffered an overturned TD catch at the end of the game, which was a very close call. But, the ‘Cats limited Wisconsin to negative 26, yes negative 26 rushing yards on the day. You do that, and cause five turnovers, and you better damn well win the game.

The ‘Cats are now in the weird spot of being in fringe contention for a New Year’s Six Bowl. Fans are beginning to lament some of the “what if” scenarios that would have had other top teams losing and the ‘Cats ranked higher right now. But it’s not worth worrying about – we’ve had an amazing season to-date and we’ll let the chips fall where they may these next couple weeks. The only thing ahead of us now is the Illini at Soldier Field on Saturday. And HAT.

Before we dive into the rankings, another quick installment of Trent’s Top Fours, where I rank my top four in a variety of categories.

Top Four College Football Playoff Committee Members

  1. Condoleezza Rice
  2. Barry Alvarez
  3. Tom Osborne
  4. Ty Willingham

Top Four Members of NWA

  1. Dre
  2. Ice Cube
  3. Eazy E
  4. Ren

Top Four College Football Plays Ever

  1. Auburn’s Kick Six – 2013
  2. The Stanford Band Play – 1982
  3. Flutie’s Hail Mary – 1984
  4. Michigan’s Gift Six to Michigan State – 2015

Top Four International Treaties

  1. Treaty of Paris
  2. Concordat of Worms
  3. Versailles Treaty
  4. Geneva Conventions

Alrighty, on to the power rankings. And happy Turkey Day to all our WLW faithful.

Go ‘Cats!

Team Points
1. Iowa (3) 93
2. Michigan State (2) 92
3. Ohio State (2) 84
4. Michigan 79
5. Northwestern 71
6. Wisconsin 64
7. Penn State 54
8. Nebraska 47
9. Minnesota 39
10. Indiana 38
11. Illannoy 32
12. Rutgers 17
13. Purdon’t 16
14. Maryland 14

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