Prediction Saturday – Illannoy (HAT)

Wella waddya know, the ‘Cats are 9 and 2. Huge game today against the Illini  with the precious HAT on the line. A few of the Warriors will be in attendance, turning the Soldier Field South Lot into our West Lot for the day. All the Warriors have Chicago’s Big Ten Team coming out on top.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon
nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo

Let’s see everyone’s pick record to-date this season.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon

HAT. HAT. HAT. On to the predictions…


So raise your hand if you thought the ‘Cats would be 9-2 at this point (EVERYONE WITH HIS HAND UP IS A DAMN LIAR). This is fun – whatever you want to call this team. The defense has been great. The offense has been laughable. But it’s fun to watch. They’re playing well (one one side of the ball at least).

Also – I never submit a TPUJ video, but I’m gonna nominate this hype video made by the man behind NUHighlights, Jon Davis. Makes me wanna run through a wall.

Game Summary: I don’t think the Illini will get a ton going on offense this game. I also think Mick McCall gonna Mick McCall and Northwestern won’t get much going. I think a lot of their scores are going to rely on short field position gifted to them by the defense and special teams. Bigsby and JJ will find the endzone later in the first half. Illinois will tie it at some point in the second half before the ‘Cats pull away with back-to-back scores.

Final Score: #B1GCats 28 – Illinois 14

Play of the Game: Bigsby finds Dan Vitale for a long strike to seal the deal

Player to Watch: Bigsby. It’s always Bigsby. I would like to see him build confidence with some short throws on early down situations.

Warrior to Watch: I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna say me. Fetz and I are cutting down our Christmas tree tomorrow and are gonna be decorating it Saturday afternoon while we watch our #B1GCats from afar. I f*cking love Christmas.

Other Game to Watch: Penn State – Sparty. Will MSU seal their spot in the B1G title game? Will Penn State continue to under-perform? YES to both!


Oh, here we are, as in olden days.

Happy golden days.

Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more………

Guys, we have one more game. If we win, we can chalk up 10 wins in the regular season for the second time ever. That’s insane. It’s even more insane given our inept offense.

But, I think we’re gonna do it….

Game Summary: ‘Cats D line comes out on fire just like they did last week. Illinois has less of a makeshift O line than Wisconsin, but don’t be fooled…. the ‘Cats D is really damn good. Objectively speaking (S&P+), there are only 4 in the country better. Lunt has struggled all year with time, he’s about to struggle without time here.

The ‘Cats will force Illinois into 2 early turnovers and punch one of those in. ‘Cats up 10-3 at the half.

Thorson will do work with his legs in the 2nd half, the D will remain stout and ‘Cats fans will start doing some scoreboard watching to see if we can back our way into the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl.

Final Score: Cats 24 – Illannoy 10

Play of the Game: Warren Long breaks off a 33 yard td run late in the first quarter after a Lunt interception. 

Player to Watch: Clayton and Mick…. forevermore. Also pay attention to Gibson, Lowry and Odenigbo. If they perform like they did last week then Wes Lunt is in for a rough afternoon.

Warrior(s) to Watch: Bags, Myself and adayNU. At least some of us will be at the game. #UnitedClub

Other Game(s) to Watch: Florida vs Florida State…. need Florida to win. Bedlam….. need OU to win. Baylor vs TCU…. need Baylor to win. We can do it. #IWantToBelieve


As hard as it is to believe the ‘Cats pulled off a win in Madison last week, it’s just as hard to believe we’re now 9-2. A lot of things have to go right for the ‘Cats to make a New Year’s Six Bowl, the first of which is a win against the Illini. This game has me nervous – I feel like our fanbase is pretty overconfident, which never bodes well. We are only 3.5 point favorites in this game, which seems like a fair line…even though the ‘Cats have 4 more wins than Illinois.

Game Summary: I think our defense will play well, limiting the Illini on the ground but allowing yards through the air. Illinois has a really talented wide receiver with an even better name – Geronimo Allison – who is 6’3 and a beast. I see him connecting on a long TD early to take a surprise lead, but the ‘Cats answer back with some nice throws from Bigsby Thorson to tie the game. I think it’ll be tied at half, and tight throughout. A Bigsby TD pass to Justin Jackson midway through the fourth, followed by a late Mitchell FG, seals it for the ‘Cats.

Game Score: ‘Cats 24 – Illini 14

Play of the Game: Matt Harris with a pick six.

Player(s) to Watch: For NU, Jack Mitchell. Can he bounce back from his rough performance last week? For Illinois, Geronimo Allison. The wide receiver with the epic name is a huge target, and very talented. Can our secondary contain him.

Warrior to Watch: Andy Day. The ‘Cats are 1-1 on the year when Day has attended the game. Can we take that record over .500 at Soldier Field on Saturday?

Other Game to Watch: USC-UCLA. The Stafford women are out in LA for Thanksgiving and going to this game, which will decide the Pac 12 South. Fight on, Trojans.


Game Summary: Cats win in embarrassingly low scoring afair. I don’t know what the under is, but take it.

Score: 10 – 7 NU

Play of the Game: Jack Mitchell finally connects on his 3rd try of the day to take the lead.

Player to Watch: Thorson, obvi. Will we even use him or will we run on every down?

Warrior to Watch: Rog. I think he’s got a big day ahead of him.


Game Summary: I think the Wildcats start off with the power drive to get Justin Jackson in the endzone on our first possession then the Illini come back and make a fg. ‘Cats roll from there and stuff it down their throat. Game feels like a trap game but I think we make a statement. We are Chicago’s Big Ten Team for a reason (that reason is that we decided to knight ourselves with that moniker – I like it, Illinois fans hate it). Scary to remember last time we played them at a “neutral” site…the one-sided (in a few ways) Illini affair at Wrigley…but ‘Cats forget that and take it to ’em.

Game Score: NU 24 ILLINI 9

Play of the Game: Dan “Dick” Vitale with a bumblin’, stumblin’, and rumblin’ run after a 5 yard catch that he takes 40+ to the HOUSE.

Player to Watch: Clayton Bigsby

Warrior to Watch: “dempikeboyz” attending

Other Game to Watch: Iowa vs Nebraska….it’s uuuuuuugge


Game Summary: This one is a beat down from the start. Let’s just say that Bill Cubit coaches his last game as Illinois coach. Let the Lane Kiffin era begin!!!!

Score: 35 – 0 NU

Play of the Game: Vault returns the opening kick to the house.

Player to Watch: Thorson – will he finally emerge as a star or will he continue to be mediocre?

Warrior to Watch: A-Day, the west coast transplant returns home to lead the troops!

Other Game to Watch: OSU vs Michigan – Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Harbaugh.


Game Summary: Cats defense dominates while Cats offense blows. No points are scored in the first half while NU scores one TD and one FG in the second while Illanoy only managed to tack on one FG.

Score: 10 – 3 NU

Play of the Game: TD pass to Danny V

Player to Watch: Neuswander. Better have the punting game on fleek tomorrow.

Warrior to Watch: Roger – with beers being served at the game it’s likely that Roger will empty his wallet in his quest to forget the horrid play calling of McCall.

 Other Game to Watch: OSU vs Michigan – Irving Meyers, Meyers, Meyers

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