WLW Power Rankings – Week Two


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Two weeks in and the ‘Cats are 0 and 2, and sitting at the bottom of our B1G power rankings. Northwestern’s performance thus far is deserving of last place after an unthinkable loss to an FCS team, Illinois State, at home last week. The ‘Cats put up a measly seven points against a team that shouldn’t even be on the same playing field (I’ve heard some conferences aren’t letting teams play FCS teams any longer) and lost on a last second field goal. In short, we suck. But, just as it sat at the bottom of Pandora’s box – Hope is still there. Northwestern has not yet started B1G play – remember that only games against other B1G teams count against our conference record. So, in theory, the ‘Cats could still go to the B1G Championship game. ESPN’s FPI gives the ‘Cats a .1% chance of winning the conference. So you’re saying there’s a chance

Ok enough about the ‘Cats. We’re basically irrelevant, so let’s look at the rest of the B1G. Ohio State and Michigan still predictably sit on top, with Michigan State, Iowa and Wisconsin not too far behind. That’s the clear top tier of the conference, with Nebraska the only other team that may join that group as a contender. The class of the B1G is facing stiffer competition this week which should shake things up a bit and give us a good benchmark – Ohio State plays at Oklahoma, Michigan State is at Notre Dame, and Nebraska takes on Oregon. Michigan and Iowa still haven’t really played anyone of consequence, so although they are blowing teams out they are still a bit unproven. The top of the B1G is still very crowded and we’ll find out much more over the next few weeks as we enter conference play. On to the rankings…



Team Points
1. Ohio State (5) 96
2. Michigan (2) 91
3. Iowa 79
4. Wisconsin 78
5. Michigan State 76
6. Nebraska 61
7. Minnesota 52
8. Penn State 49
9. Indiana 44
10. Maryland 34
11. Illannoy 28
12. Purdon’t 18
13. Rutgers 15
14. Northwestern 14

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