Prediction Friday – Wisconsin


The ‘Cats are back in action after a bye week, with a huge game against the Badgers up in Madison. A trio of West Lot Warriors are making the trek up to Madtown and trying to bring back that W.

Will they be successful? Only one Warrior thinks so. On to the picks!



Game Summary:

6:30: Wake Up

6:45 Shower

7 Fireball

7:15 Fireball round 2 and Eggs

7:25 Shotgun beers

7:27 Paul pukes, but rallies

7:30 Power hour

8:30 Someone yells “Let the boys play!”, but little do they know the boys have been playing for two damn hours

8:37 White and Purple by Chet Haze is played

8:40 McGuire makes Pancakes

8:45 Meet Mcguire’s girlfriend

8:54 Mo is in the back singing the anthem

9:00 Head to the Frat tailgate

9:07 McGuire’s girlfriend decides that she likes us

9:30 Z Von embarrasses a college kid in a shotgun off

9:32 Kyle rolls her eyes at Z Von

9:37 Hack attempts to open a beer with his forehead and fails. Gets laughed at by 19 year old girls

9:43 Someone asks Sample why he’s wearing a Washington jersey

9:45 Yocom arrives with Fire

9:47 Parrott arrives gives Purple drink to all

9:50 Anna becomes an American with her first beer bong

9:53 Packer’s fan talks shit to Mcguire assuming he is Mike Glennon

9:55 Sample superman keg stand

9:56 Sample ends his superman keg stand -86 seconds later

9:57 Yocom loudly screams in his Yocom voice, most likely is blacked out

10:03 Paul pukes again, rallies then pukes a third time

10:09 Z wins a fraticide second for Hack Yocom fails to finish

10:13 See Amery Stafford, Lament Trent not being there

10:15 Leave the fraternity, find Paul in some bushes. He rallies

10:20 Arrive at bars by the stadium

10:23 Fire buys a round of Fireball

10:25 Wisconsin fan attempts to talk shit, is distracted by cheese

10:27 The Bears still suck is played in the bar. Bears fans join in.

10:31 Milwaukee Brewers spotted in attendance. They might have a game that day, but it doesn’t matter because their season is OVA

10:36 Blacked out Sample steals a small child’s balloon

10:38 Mcguire’s girlfriend decides she was wrong about liking us

10:43 A blacked out Pfeffer facetimes the group, what is said only God knows…

10:50 Get to the Seats

10:54 Hack takes off shirt to rally the boys

10:55 Usher tells hack to calm down

10:56 Paul is asleep in the stands and may have wet himself

11 Kickoff- Hello Darkness My old Friend

Game Score:

Badgers 42 – Cats 21

Player/Unit to Watch:

Justin Jackson – Is he healthy?

Warrior to Watch:

Paul: Is this real life or is this fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality.

Other Game to Watch:

Colts vs Seahawks: Jk why is this the Sunday night game? Clemson vs Va Tech – Is VT for real?



When I was a young whippersnapper playing tennis and cruising the USTA U-14 Midwest circuit, I would enter a tournament, maybe win a couple rounds and then inevitably run into a higher seeded opponent who I knew was going to kick my ass. At that point, I would savor all the time I could between my last match and the next where I knew I would go down. I’d go out for long lunch runs, let other opponents take precedence ahead of me to play their matches, basically anything it took to delay the next match. I was able to hold onto that winning feeling for only so long before my name finally got called and I had to go out, shake my opponent’s hand, and then get shit on two ways from Sunday.

I savored that time between matches, after a win, and that’s exactly how I’ve felt with the ‘Cats the past two weeks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the bye week, and being able to hold onto that winning feeling that carried over from Bowling Green for an extra seven days. It was pretty nice waking up last Saturday not having to be stressed about the day of college football, knowing the ‘Cats had nothing at stake and being able to just sit back and enjoy the other games. Well, that all comes to an end this week as we’re back in action up in Madison. I’m not guaranteeing we’ll lose but let’s just say this feels like when I ran into that top seeded player in a tournament and dreaded the moment I had to take the court.

Game Summary:

I thought Wisconsin would have a down year in 2017, but they are proving me wrong. They look every bit as good as last year, and maybe even better with their improved play at QB. Granted, they haven’t played much of anyone yet. The ‘Cats always seem to have something over Wisconsin – we used to alternate winning at home every year, a streak that got broken when the Badgers shellacked us at Ryan Field in 2016.

As you may be able to tell from the intro, I’m not optimistic about our chances this week. Wisconsin just seems better than us at every phase of the game. I do think our D is better against the run than the pass, but Wisconsin, typically a run-heavy team, is doing both well. QB Alex Hornibrook has been beyond efficient this year, completing 70% of his passes and currently ranked among the top 15 in the nation in QBR.

My fear in this game is that we’ll try and give the ball to JJ early, have him get stuffed a couple times, and then totally abandon the running game. I think that’s a mistake that Mick McCall made against Duke, and I bet it happens again here. Jackson is our best player, and you have to keep trying to give him the ball to have some balance on offense. Watching Penn State play Iowa last week, I was impressed at how the Nittany Lions made a concerted effort to get Saquon Barkley the ball at all times. They almost used short little pass plays as pseudo-runs, with McSorley dumping it off to Barkley, giving him a chance to operate in space and giving the defense different looks. Would love to see the ‘Cats employ this tactic.

Alas I see the ‘Cats getting down early, abandoning the run for the pass, and then Wisco forcing a few turnovers to make this a laugher by the end. Hope I’m wrong.

Game Score:

Wisco 33 – Cats 13

Player/Unit to Watch:

Can I say our whole defense? I’m concerned about Wisco running all over us, and then play action pass-ing all over us.

Warrior to Watch:

Paul, Hack and Zvon are all making the trek up to Madison to enjoy some cheese curds at Chasers, followed by some Spotted Cow at the KK.

Let’s hope it goes better than the last time the Warriors visited the area.

Other Game to Watch:

Clemson at VT. I love the Hokies this year and wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled the upset here at home.



I have very little confidence that we will make the game remotely competitive this week. We’ve had a good amount of success against Wisconsin for the better part of two decades now, but that has largely been driven by their conservative style and our ability to compete at the point of attack on both lines.

Could this game be close? Sure. Any given Saturday. But you can’t offer up a legitimate reason as to why it should be other than “any given Saturday“.

We are very, very, very bad on both lines. Wisconsin’s offensive line is one of the best in the country. They’ll average at least 6 yards per carry in this game. Our offensive line is one of the worst in Power 5 football. We’ll average less than 3 yards per carry. Clayton will have to play like John Elway to keep this remotely competitive.

Enough said. On to the summary.

Game Summary:

We’ll win the toss and defer to the second half. Because, why the hell not? Fitz has done that 87 times as a head coach (I just made that number up, but it sounds about right). Wisconsin will return the kick to about the 25. They’ll run 6 straight running plays for a total of 50 yards taking it down to our 25. Then, finally, a play action pass for a TD to exploit the fact that we have to stack the box to have any prayer of stopping them on the ground. It’s a good thing we don’t have 17 injured corners, right? Yea… this will be a catastrophic problem all day. Run to set up the pass against a depleted secondary.

7-0 Badgers.

We’ll run a jet sweep on our first offensive play of the game. We’ve done that 3 straight games on our first offensive snap. It has worked, for the most part, and it certainly won’t occur to Mickey that I know that, you know that and the Wisconsin Badgers know that. 5 yard loss. 3 and out.

Punt. 6 runs. TD.

14-0 Badgers.

So on and so on…..

Game Score:

Badgers 41 – Cats 10

Player/Unit to Watch:

Both lines. Can they win at the point of the attack 25% of the time?

Warrior to Watch:

Gotta be the group making the trip: Paul, Hack and Zvon. The Dane County public officials are not nice to visiting fans. How will the group fare? We didn’t fare well (on the field or the streets) in 2013.

Other Game to Watch:

Maryland @ Minnesota. Sadly, Maryland is on to their third string QB due to some unfortunate season ending injuries. What looked like a promising campaign after a Texas ass kicking is now looking not so promising. Can they right the ship and score some points this week? They looked like hell against UCF last week.

NFL Game to Watch:

Jags @ Jets. The Jags are a road favorite this week. Why is that significant? They haven’t been a road favorite in 6 years. 6 years!!! That’s insane. The defense is legit. The offense is fine minus the QB. That’s generally a problem in the NFL. Will Bortles stay out of his own way and allow the team to fulfill Vegas’s expectations? I think so.



Game Summary:

This one ain’t gonna be pretty. Plane and simple Wisco has a much better team than we xpected. Our D-line isn’t going to stand a chance tomorrow and it’s going to come down to the defense making some HUGE game changing plays and force some turnovers if they want to here the cheers of the NU crowd at Camp Randall. NU will get a couple FGs in the 1H and a garbage time TD, but this game is gonna be a brutal one to sit thru.

Game Score:

Badgers 41 – Cats 13

Player/Unit to Watch:

Hunter Niswander. Enough said.

Warrior to Watch:

The entire crew of 18 going up, but specifically Zvon. His gf is a badger and will be in attendance. How will he react if things get out of hand? Will the house divided come out united?!

Other Game to Watch:

Nebraska @ Illinois. Key Friday matchup. Storied program like Nebraska playing on a Friday is absurd. Will the B1G finally get the picture that Friday games are stoopid?! Any readers looking to catch the game can get in the door for <$10.



Game Summary:

Could get ugly.  Will get ugly.  ‘Cats muster a first half TD to somehow stay “close” but we still are down 20-7 at the break. Wisco scores a couple more in half two.  They have run up the score on us in the past but I think it will be somewhat reasonable (they won’t go for 50…).

Game Score:

Badgers 37 – Cats 10

Player/Unit to Watch:

Offensive Line.  Can we move the ball at all?

Warrior to Watch:

It’s Hack…will his red hair make Wisco fans confuse him for one of their own?  We’ll see.  Let’s just hope he keeps his shirt on as we’ve seen him disrobe in colder temps.

Other Game to Watch:

Northwestern vs. Wisconsin.  There is no other game besides this one in the eyes of Coach Fitz.  One game at a time.



These two guys got really mad at me yesterday after I referred to them as “hipsters.”

I guess the term they prefer is “conjoined twins.”

Game Summary:

I dunno you guys. I’m daring to be different here. #B1GCats pull one out of nowhere after somehow staying close all game

Game Score:

#B1GCats 24 – Badgers 21

Player/Unit to Watch:

D-Line. Pressure in the backfield plz

Warrior to Watch:

Paul, Hack, and Z. Looking forward to the snapchats, you guys.

Other Game to Watch:

Penn State – Indiana. Will there be a let down game after pulling one out in Iowa City?

Thanks, and have a great day




numberFire has BGSU ranked 126 out of 129… we still suck guys:

’nuff said

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