Prediction Saturday – Iowa

Kain Colter, Micah Hyde

Let’s beat Io_a. Go ‘Cats!



Game Overview:

Hey. Hey baby. Hey what? Go Wildcats!

Game Score:

#B1GCats 17 – Hawkeyes 14

Player to Watch:

The O-Line needs to give Bigsby time and need to give JJTBC some room.

Warrior to Watch:

Bag – sources tell us he’s brining a large entourage to the West Lot.

Other Game(s) to Watch:

Michigan – Penn State. Can both teams lose???



Game Overview:

NU and Iowa go together like Lamb and Tuna Fish. They’re always a classic game.  Flashback to 2009 when I attended the game at Iowa and NU stunned a then ranked #4 Iowa. This game seems to be the utter opposite. I think we will be competitive but lose.

Game Score:

Iowa 24, Cats 13

Player to Watch:

JJTBC – how much space will the guy get? This will determine if we win or not.

Warrior to Watch:

Grayhack – how much “paia” will he eat?

Other Game(s) to Watch:

Notre Dame – USC. Because it’s a big game.



Game Overview:

Cats get a breakout game this week as Mick McCall likely saves his job for another year with his mediocre performance. I think this will be a pretty balanced game on the ground and through the air. JJ will bump up the all time rushing record by another 150 yards while Thorson will see some success through the air with the Iowa secondary breaking down.

Looking for a 1 score lead heading into half time while the defense does a decent job of limiting Iowa’s run game. Also feeling a defensive TD for NU in this game.

Game Score:

‘Cats 35-23

Player to Watch:

Thorson – Going to the air this week. Needs to hit his receivers.

Warrior to Watch:

Hack – I have a feeling this is the tailgate where he reaches peak performance.

Other Game(s) to Watch:

Upset in South Bend. USC beats ND by a TD.



Game Overview:

NU Defense vs Iowa Offense: 

I don’t think Iowa is good up front on offense or at QB. The Cats front seven has been pretty good against the run. Advantage Cats 

NU Offense vs Iowa Defense:

Clayton needs to be good Clayton and the Cats should roll. Advantage Cats

Special Teams:

Cats outside of the kicker have sucked. Hunter the Punter prove me wrong. Advantage Iowa


Iowa has an offensive identity and Northwestern doesn’t that starts with the man at the top. Advantage Iowa

Game Score:

‘Cats 27 – Iowa 14

Player to Watch:

Riley Lees – I saw flashes against Maryland. Hope he can build on that.

Opponent to Watch:

Josey Jewell – Overrated or Extremely Overated?

Warrior to Watch:

Honorary Warrior – Mike Parrott – Making paia at a tailgate, that’s some next level shit.

Other Game(s) to Watch:

Michigan @ Penn State – Who ya got?



The ‘Cats beat Maryland last week – the first time that the two teams had ever met. This means that we now own the lifetime series against the Terps at 1-0. May not seem like a big deal, but then you look at the ‘Cats series records against all Big Ten teams over the course of history. The only other Big Ten team we have a winning record against is Indiana at 47-34-1. Beyond that, the only team we’re remotely close to is Illinois, against whom we’re 50-55-1, meaning we’d need to win the next five games to even it up. Just goes to show how futile the ‘Cats were for the majority of their football existence.

Game Overview:

Iowa versus Penn State was my favorite college football game of the year so far – it had some great moments, went back and forth, and the best players rose to the occasion when it mattered most. That includes Saquon Barkley, but also Iowa’s RB Wadley, who has haunted the ‘Cats over the past few years. Iowa went toe-to-toe against PSU in that game – their defense is legit and they play their usual brand of ground and pound offense to shorten games. Think a similar prototype to Wisconsin but just worse. I see Iowa running all over us in this one, and then burning us with some play action passing. The key will be stopping the run and getting some pressure on the QB – the ‘Cats D line did a great job last week getting pressure on Maryland when they dropped back to pass.

I see this as a low scoring game – the over/under is 47 so would throw some sheckles on the under for sure. The ‘Cats kick a FG in the 3rd to take the lead, but Iowa puts together a long drive in the 4th to pull out a W at Ryan Field.

Game Score:

‘Cats 10 – Iowa 14. We’re a basketball school anyhow.

Player to Watch:

Justin Jackson had a great game last week – tearing the Terps apart and becoming the all-time leading rusher at NU. How will he fare against a tough Iowa front?

Warrior to Watch:

Roger Rankin has family in town. Will they bring us some luck?

Other Game(s) to Watch:

My sister goes to USC and will be attending the Notre Dame game. Huge one for both teams to keep their Playoff hopes alive. Fight on.

Michigan @ Penn State should also be interesting. In the NFL, I’m curious to see how Bears-Panthers plays out.



The ‘Cats are back at it. After a win at Maryland last week, we’re still staring mediocrity in the face.

I’m not sure when we last played a meaningful game deep into October. This year is no different. If you care about the Pinstripe, Popeye’s, Poinsettia or Penis Bowls, then sure…. this game is meaningful But, I don’t (no offense to the Pinstripe Bowl as that provided fantastic entertainment last year).

There’s really no difference in my mind between the ‘Cats going 5-1 or 6-0 down the stretch and going 3-3. We got beat soundly by the two quality teams on our schedule and we don’t play any top tier teams for the rest of the year. So, we’re battling to be Kings of the Mediocre…. as we’ve done for 10 years now.

On to the game….

Game Overview:

Iowa is trying to avoid free fall here. Coming off 2 straight losses and a bye week (the B1G loves pitting NU against opponents coming off bye weeks), will they be able to rebound? I think Iowa’s last second loss to Penn State was demoralizing and I also think they aren’t that good. So, this could make for an interesting game.

Iowa likes to run the ball. Ferentz is Fitz 2.0. He’s boring as hell and his teams are usually tremendously average. Thankfully, our run defense is actually pretty stout. We held the ground games of Wisconsin and Penn State in check, so I’m not sure why we can’t do that here. Look for Iowa to be forced into more of an aerial attack than they’d like (also read: look for some stupid turnovers).

While I think we can have some success defensively, don’t for a second think that our offense will be half as productive as it was last week. Iowa’s defense is not Maryland’s…. don’t you worry about that. I fully expect our O line to be back to their usual ways. 15-20 QB hurries, 6-8 sacks of Thorson and 7+ negative running plays by JJTBC.

If you’re sensing a trend here, well….. so am I. This game could be an ugly affair resembling the infamous MOON game from several years ago.

All in all, I actually think the ‘Cats will be able to pull this one out thanks to some clutch kicking from Chuck-E Kuhbander. After his woeful short miss to start off his career, he has been really solid. He appears to have quite a leg too, so it would be nice if Fitz and Mick used that on 45 – 50 yard field goals rather than running “speed” options to the right for 4 yard losses on 4th and 2.

I don’t know why I think they will do that, but for some reason I’m feeling optimistic.

Game Score:

NU 20 Iowa 17

Player/Unit to Watch:

The O Line… They looked better against Maryland. But, so has every O line Maryland has played this year.

Warrior to Watch:

Rus. Why not? We’ll have a smaller crew than usual this week, but Rus will be there! Also, the Rankin clan will be in attendance. Fun times to be had by all.

Other Game to Watch:

USC @ Notre Dame – USC is a fringe contender at best at this point (though so is ND). They have been thoroughly underwhelming up to this point as has become standard for the past decade. That said, they have a chance to notch an impressive road win against a top caliber team and put themselves right back into the conversation. Sadly (and I only say “sadly” because they are playing Notre Dame) I expect them to lose… convincingly. Sam Darnold may be best served riding pine for the rest of the year if they do lose because his draft stock will continue to take a hit if he keeps throwing the ball to the wrong team. He has been great at that thus far. He’s tied with our boy Clayton Thorson for 4th most picks thrown in the country (9 a piece).

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