Prediction Friday – UNLV


The ‘Cats open at home tomorrow against the UNLV Runnin Rebels, and the Warriors are fired up to take the West Lot by storm and christen another season in Evanston. The weather is going to be beautiful and the beer will be flowing like wine. No surprise who the Warriors are picking in this one, though we’re split on how close the outcome will be.

Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon
nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo nulogo N/A



Game Summary: We’ve all seen this shit before (Akron, Illinois State, Western Michigan…. sorry, that team was terrible even if they ran the table in the MAC). I’m not sure why we expect this to be any different. UNLV is obviously terrible, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing.

NU’s offense is 129th out of 130 in adjusted efficiency. Hunter Johnson has the worst passer in FBS. Simply put, our offense was terrible against a VERY average Stanford team who got smoked by a VERY average USC team during our off week. But, that’s par for the course with Mick.
There’s no reason to believe we will blow anyone out. Fitz and Mick aren’t up for that.
I do think we will find a way to win the game, but only because we will avoid giving up 3 defensive tds like we did against Akron last year.


Game Score: Cats 20 – UNLV 17


Play of the Game: Paddy Fisher annihilates UNLVs qb causing both his helmet and the ball to come loose.


Player to Watch: Hunter. He was atrocious 2 weeks ago. Will he be at least marginally better?


Warrior to Watch: Me. I’ll be back from my honeymoon on Friday night. Will we have any Supertuscans at the tailgate?


Other Game to Watch: None. The past few college football seasons have been painful outside of NU. The trend continues. There are 5 teams vying for 3 playoff spots (Bama, LSU, Oklahoma, UGA and Ohio State). Clemson is already in. Watch out for Syracuse though…. that’s Clemson’s toughest remaining game. They only lost by 43 to Maryland.



We get it Roger. You’re being all cultured in Italy. I bet the fireball is gonna taste like battery acid when you get back.


Game Summary: Good lord that Stanford game was a bummer. I do think Northwestern’s run game will have a day against a pretty bad UNLV team. It’ll be an uninspired playbook for Hunter, who looked like a young Evan Watkins out there a few weeks ago.


Game Score: Cats 38 – UNLV 14


Play of the Game: Hunter Johnson throws a TD to someone.


Player to Watch: Ol’ HJ until he proves us otherwise.


Warrior to Watch: Rusty. He’s bringing the satellite and the TV.


Other Game to Watch: Pitt-Penn State is usually a fun game to watch.


Game Summary: Well the ‘Cats lost game one and didn’t look great. While we held Stanford to 10 points (plus a bogus last second fumble TD), we only scored 7. The game was so bad I can barely remember any specific moments from the action. I do know TJ Green looked the better of the two QBs but got knocked out for the year. Hunter Johnson looked like a first time starter and definitely will be a work in progress.

Good news is we’ve got UNLV this week. They lost their last game to Arkansas State by 34 points and aren’t very good, especially on defense. Hopefully the ‘Cats O can get enough going to put some points on the board and pull this one out. I’m very proud to have coined the term Bowser Ball™ however Bowser isn’t playing in this one :(. However, think the ‘Cats will run a lot this week with HJ using his legs. Beware the ‘Cats at home as a double digit favorite – I can’t remember the last time we covered in this situation. However I think NU will be fired up and Fitz has too much bad Akron taste in his mouth to let the team slip up here.


Game Score: NU 38 – UNLV – 17


Play of the Game: Hunter throws his first TD pass, a deep post to Riley Lees.


Player to Watch: Hunter Johnson.


Warrior to Watch: Doc Roche. The doctor is back in Chicago and will be ready to roll in the West Lot.


Other Game to Watch: ASU @ MSU. Can Sparty stay undefeated before their trip to Evanston next week?



Game Summary: Our offense is bad until proven otherwise. I don’t care how bad UNLV’s defense is supposed to be, our offense is arguably worse (yes, we have the second worse offense in the FBS right now). We will struggle again to score, but so will UNLV. Our defense is still pretty darn good despite some tackling issues in Week 1, and we’ll manage to hold a high scoring offense to only a handful of scores.


Game Score: ‘Cats 20 – UNLV 19


Play of the Game: Hunter Johnson completes two consecutive passes.


Player to Watch: Mick McCall


Warrior to Watch: Dr. Michael Roche, MD. Will he lose his keys, only to find them later?


Other Game to Watch: LSU vs Northwestern….State.



Game Summary: UNLV lost to Arkansas State last week. They aren’t good. Too bad this isn’t a  home and home. I will be eating Paella and enjoying the nice day as the Cats roll.


Game Score: ‘Cats 35 – UNLV 3


Play of the Game: Hunter Johnson completes a 75-yard pass to Kyric McGowan on the first play from scrimmage


Player to Watch: Hunter till he proves otherwise.


Warrior to Watch: Dr. Michael Roche has returned praise be to Otto Graham!


Other Game to Watch: Stanford vs UCF: Can Stanford make our loss look good?



Game Summary: With no Bowser, Hunter will have to really prove himself. Can he handle the pressure of his first home game in an ideal tailgate timeslot at 2:30?? I’m not convinced yet after that pitiful performance by the O-line and O-coordinator two weeks ago. I have a bad feeling this one is going to be tight with NU needing a late FG to win it.


Game Score: ‘Cats 19 – UNLV 17


Play of the Game: Winning FG kick with seconds remaining.


Player to Watch: Kicker. I sense we’re going to need a game winner in this one.


Warrior to Watch: Gotta be Roche. Welcome back to the West Lot!!


Other Game to Watch: Iowa v. Iowa State. Going to be as tough a battle as the one over the effectiveness of corn subsidies in Washington DC!

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