Prediction Caturday – Nebraska

Our ‘Cats are 2-0 and face the Huskers this week. Funny enough, five years ago another McCaffrey brother in red and white came into Ryan Field and had his worst outing of the year. Can the ‘Cats replicate that success today with a strong defensive effort?


Andy Trent Roger Roche Paul Hack ZVon
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Our ‘Cats are 2-0, literally as good as we could have hoped at this point in the season. I was pretty impressed with the resilience of the squad to come back from a few terrible mistakes in the 1st quarter against Iowa and an early 17-0 deficit. It was a good feeling to still have belief that we were in a game even facing that kind of hole – that’s the benefit of having a competent QB, you feel like you’ve at least got a shot to come back. The identity here is what I believe we’ll see a lot of from the ‘Cats this year – run the ball, play great defense, and let Peyton Ramsey manage the game.  

This week we face the Huskers in a matchup that always seems to be close. Their mobile QB Adrian Martinez always gives us fits. Nebraska got a “bye” last week after their game against Wisconsin was canceled due to COVID. Will that help their team with the extra rest, or will they come out rusty?

Game Summary: I think the ‘Cats start faster this week (it would be hard not to) and expect a run-heavy game plan against the Huskers. I like the three man rotation we’ve got going at RB, with Bowser carrying the bulk of the load, Drake Anderson coming in as a scat back, and sure-handed senior Jesse Brown coming in at the goal line. Expect Peyton Ramsey to pick up some yards rushing himself, and reconnect with John Raine through the air (#0 had 0 catches last week).

We’ll put up some points this week, so it’s a matter of our D holding Nebraska down. Our defense has looked pretty spectacular so far this year, ranking #3 in the country in S&P. Mobile QBs always give us trouble, but I think we will stop the Huskers just enough to eke this one out.

Game Score: NU 33 – UNL 27

Play of the Game: Peyton Ramsey hits Raine for a play action TD.

Player to Watch: Paddy Fisher. Can he contain Nebraska’s mobile QB?

Warrior to Watch: Paul. Long week.

Other Game to Watch:  Michigan State @ Iowa. MSU beat Michigan in the Big House last week. Iowa blew a 17 point lead at home to the ‘Cats. And yet the Hawkeyes are favored by 9 in Kinnick. Seems like a strange line?


No contest due to COVID.

ROGER (2-0)

Game Summary: This game should be significantly different than what we saw last week. Nebraska can and will move the ball. That said, our offense will likely open up a bit more against this team.
I think the game ultimately comes down to how successful our defense is inside the red zone. If we can keep Nebraska out of the end zone more often than not then I like our chances.

Game Score: NU 30 – Lil Red 23

Play of the Game: Peyton Ramsey with a 30 yard scamper on a crucial 3rd down.

Player to Watch: The O Line… they seem to be getting better.

Warrior to Watch: Everyone… what a week.

Other Game to Watch:  Meh…Purdue and Wisconsin won’t be played so I don’t care about much elsewhere.

ZVON (2-0)

Cats win by 2

PAUL (2-0)

House Divided Game for the Huettners
Well be seeing two Reds lose this week. 
Huskers 23 – Cats 31

HACK (2-0)

Game Summary: Traditionally, the Cats struggle against athletic QBs and Nebraska has two of them. We did well against Lil Tua in week 1, and he looked good in week 2, so maybe we’ve figured this out. I doubt it. The Cats secondary is pretty good, so I would bet on them taking advantage of some less accurate throws from the two-headed monster at QB. Luckily, Nebraska is not great at defense. Ohio State can make anyone look bad, but they were straight up not having a good time against the Buckeyes. I think we’re in for a shootout with some more touches for Drake “The Brakes” Anderson out of the backfield to get the people going. Also, Malik Washington might break out this game.

Game Score: NU 31- UNL 28

Play of the Game: Luke McCaffery is intercepted by Greg Newsome for 6.

Player to Watch: The defensive ends: They need to keep contain on the outside.

Warrior to Watch: Andy – His second favorite Wiener was a winner and what better way to celebrate than with a Cats victory.

Other Game to Watch: Clemson vs ND: Will Clemson be able to overcome the Golden Domers without Trevor Lawrence? Also, how weird is it that Trevor Lawrence lives by himself in college?

ANDY DAY (2-0)

Too lazy to write a summary. ‘Cats eek out a win.
NU 21 – Neb 16

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