Prediction Caturday: Duke

The ‘Cats take on a terrible Duke team down in Durham. With a broadcast on the ACC Network, this isn’t quite what you would call appointment viewing for many Americans. But you can bet your ass the Warriors will be watching. At least those who have access to the ACC Network.

Let’s get to the picks…our Warriors are a bit torn this week.


Game Summary: It’s pretty freeing knowing the cats are gonna be meh this year. Really frees up the weekends.

Game Score: Cats 19 – Duke 16

Play of the Game: Majestic opening kick

Player to Watch: It’s always hunter?

Warrior to Watch: GUYS ROGER’S A DAD

Other game to watch: Purdue – ND. How will Purdue do without the drum?


Kind of a rough start to the season for the Cats. Our offense and Hunter Johnson looked stagnant last game against an FCS team. This week we go to Duke. I feel like we play the Blue Devils every single year. Can we switch it up in the nonconference please?I’m tired of playing Duke.

Game Summary: I think this will be a low scoring game. A lot of running. Expect Hunter to use his legs quite a bit. We aren’t a very good team, but neither is Duke. I see us reverting to our usual ways with a boring offense and a solid D. This may be one of our last wins this year.

Game Score: 21 – 19 Cats

Play of the Game: Brandon Joseph house call on a punt return.

Player to Watch: Brandon Joseph

Warrior to Watch: Hack- is he heading down to Durham to tailgate?

Other game to watch: Michigan State @ Miami. Curious how Sparty looks in their third game, down in my future city.


Should be a fun one (i.e. a bad college football game that is close). Winner takes the all time lead in the series. Will really come down to can we stop the run and does Hunter look like Week 1 Hunter or Week 2 Hunter. I’m an still an optimist after listening to the most recent West Lot Pirates podcast, so I guess I gotta go ‘Cats.
Game Score: NU 24 – Duke 21

Play of the Game: Hunter TD pass over 40 yards

Player to Watch: Hunter “not the Punter” Johnson

Warrior to Watch: Trent – he seemed concerned he wouldn’t be able to find the game on TV.

Other game to watch: Cincy @ Indiana – LET’S GO BEARCATS!


Game Score: NU 18 – Duke 25

Play of the Game: Closing whistle

Player to Watch: Linebackers

Warrior to Watch: Roche the Fisherman

Other game to watch: Purdue to pull out a win against Notre Dame


54 – 0 Gatos


Duke 45 – NU 24

Duke is terrible but they have a solid running back. I think this is probably going to be NU’s worst defense in 30 years, so any opponent with some semblance of a competent running game or passing game will torch us.

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