Prediction Caturday: Minnesota

Fall is in full swing and it’s perfect weather for a B1G West matchup. The ‘Cats dropped another one last week to Michigan, but can they bounce back this week against Minnesota? The B1G West is a bit of a mess, and you could make a case for any West team beating another on any given day. Let’s take a look at the Warriors’ picks this week.


The ‘Cats kept it close against Michigan for a half, but alas the damn did not hold and the wolverines erupted in the second half and covered the spread. The special teams set NU back in a big way as Kuhbander missed badly and we had a punt blocked.  

We’ve got Minnesota this week, and this feels like a rough matchup to me. I’m not sure how the Gophers lost to a bad Bowling Green team earlier this year. After three straight wins, they seem to be getting back to their form from 2019 when they nearly won the West. 

Game summary: The ‘Cats seem to struggle against the run. Every time I watch the secondary seems to be flying around the field, yet our linebackers are slow and plodding. The Gophers like to run, and I see them running all over us. This could get ugly.

The bigger question is, can the ‘Cats score points? Our offense looked totally lost last week aside from a huge Evan Hull run. While Hilinski has a good arm, he struggles with accuracy in a big way. Marty was warming up last week in a uniform…could we see him back on Saturday? Without him, count this as a loss.

Score: NU 15 – Minny 33

Play of the game: Big sack by Brandon Joseph. He had a great safety blitz for a sack against Michigan.

Player to watch: Marty/Carl. I would bet one of these two QBs will see playing time on Saturday.

Warrior to watch: Me. I’ve got to move across the country next week. Wish me luck.

Other game to watch: Michigan-MSU. Michigan didn’t impress me last week (even in beating the Cats by 26. This game is in East Lansing, so not sure why everyone seems to be chalking this up as a Wolverines win. 


Bag has a fairly good summary/prediction here.

I tend to agree with pretty much all of what he said. I would also add that our offensive line is still way below average… which is thoroughly disappointing given the uptick in recruiting at that position in recent years.

We’ll lose this. Minny is average, but could win the division. That’s a result of the division being truly terrible.

Score: NU 12 – Minnesota 27

Play of the game: We don’t give up a 50+ yard play on Minnesota’s first offensive play from scrimmage

Player to watch: The right side of our offensive line

Warrior to watch: Gotta be Bag… party in the city where the heat is on.

Other game to watch: Michigan – Michigan State. Both teams are modestly above average, but have zero chance against Ohio State. Curious to see how this plays out.


NU 17 – Minny 20


Cats 45 – Boat Rowers 6


Cats 14 – Minnesota 21.5 (first half point in football history)


Cats 14 – Minny 21

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