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The Warriors are Back

That’s right. We’re back and better than ever for the 2013 season. Our comeback is going to be even bigger then the NU vs Indiana game in 2009 (see below).


A lot has happened since we’ve been gone. But the biggest news item by far is that we bought a tailgating van. Yes you read this correctly. We bought ourselves a full fledged party van.

This bad boy is ready to take our tailgates to the next next level.

This bad boy is ready to take our tailgates to the next next level.

We have aspirations of painting it purple, but well see how motivated we are to get that done before the start of the season. The best part of the van is its vanity plate which will read “WEST LOT.” Yep.

Get ready for our usual weekly posts to resume very soon as well as some new segments for 2013, plus some preseason rating and raving.

Finally, our 2013 member drive is starting NOW. Look for an email from us in the coming hours or check back here later for a post with more details.

And last but not least: Go ‘Cats!

NU Dining Halls to Offer “Gator Bowl Champions Dinner”


Well, damn. This Thursday (1/10), everyone’s favorite catering service, NUCuisine, is holding nothing back for the campus-wide “Gator Bowl Champions Dinner.” The menu contains such highlights as the “Alli‐Gator Bowl Soup” and the “Mississippi Mud Pie.” Those past bowl loses during my time as an undergrad burn now more than ever. I can’t stop thinking about what dishes may have been missed, like Au-burnt Pizza Slice or the Mizz-sour-i Key Lime Pie.

For us non-NU students, $12.50 will get you entrance to this feast fit for a King (cash only). Who knows, I might have to make my way down to Sargent this Thursday to join in on the festivities.

Here is the full menu:

  • Alli‐Gator Bowl Soup
  • Chicago Roast Prime Rib of Beef
  • Stuffed Portobello Bull Dog with Quinoa
  • Fried Mississippi Catfish Nuggets
  • Cheeseburger in Florida Paradise
  • Pasta Bar
  • Burger Bar
  • Florida BBQ Chicken Flatbread
  • Cheese Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Baked Potato with Toppings
  • Roasted Wedge Potatoes
  • Hushed Bull Dog Puppies
  • Grilled Fresh Vegetable Medley
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Creamy Coleslaw
  • Fresh Baked Bread and Rolls
  • Mississippi Mud Pie


‘Cats Re-Enter BCS and Other Thoughts

Northwestern romped Illinois yesterday, and Wildcat nation has been flying high since. For the second time this season, the ‘Cats are ranked in the BCS. The other time the ‘Cats cracked the BCS top 25 was week 11. They promptly dropped out after losing 38-31 at Michigan in overtime. 


Richard Billingsley showing the ‘Cats no love. C’mon, Dick, we’re fun! I promise!

As I mentioned on twitter, the ‘Cats should crack the Top 20 of the BCS after Championship Week. Kent State and Northern Illinois play Friday night. Kansas State plays Texas. UCLA plays Stanford (again) this weekend. With a little help from our friends, not only will the ‘Cats stay ranked for two consecutive (!!!!!!!) weeks, but they’ll jump a few in the process. 

In terms of bowl projections, it looks like not much has changed since last week. However, some interesting comments from the Capital One Bowl twitter today has me thinking that Orlando isn’t as out of the picture as I originally thought. We’ll have to keep an eye on that as the week rolls on. If I had to guess at this point, though, I’d say Northwestern ends up in Tampa playing the Outback Bowl against South Carolina. 

Around CFB

-Congratulations to That School In South Bend, who guaranteed a spot in the BCS Title Game with a win at USC. They’ll play the winner of the SEC Title Game (Alabama or Georgia), with the loser going to the Capital One Bowl, probably. My brother graduated from TSISB in 2006, and he bought tickets last week to the game for $800, assuming they’d beat USC. The cheapest tickets on are now $1,600. Holy hell. I feel safe in assuming Gator/Outback/CapOne tickets will be less than 10% of that. At least I hope they’re under $160.

-Roger just pointed out that Syracuse is still in the running for the Big East title and an automatic BCS bowl bid. That Syracuse, of 42-41 Week One fame (I love me some hyperlinks today). Just sit back and imagine if that happens. 

-Vandy finished 8-4 (5-3 SEC). It’s pretty clear that the Week One 17-9 loss to South Carolina (healthy Lattimore) was not fluke. They’re a program on the up, and it’s too bad they canceled the series. 

LOLHat week Gameday (UPDATE: Trent is at home)

It’s already the last game of the regular season for the ‘Cats (!), and Illinois comes limping in to Ryan Field looking to hold on to the Land Of Lincoln Trophy for another year.

Andy and Roger are rolling in the West Lot right now. Stop by the tailgate with the earth flag (blue background) and say hi. I am in Pennsylvania for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’ll be posting up at the BWW in West Chester, PA to watch the game. I’ll be adding some commentary as the game gets going. Go ‘Cats!

Illinois Week – A Recent History

Get that DeLorean to 88, Marty, we’re taking a look back at the recent history between Northwestern and Illinois.

2011: In Which the ‘Cats Squander an 18 Point Second Half Lead

I wanted the 2011 game in Champaign badly after the debacle at Wrigley Field in 2010 (we’ll get there). Dan Persa was making his debut after his Achilles injury. Though the Illini were ranked at the time, the ‘Cats (led by #7), jumped out to an insurmountable a 28-10 lead in the second half. Eighteen points evaporated quickly as Scheelhaase-to-Jenkins somehow turned itself to Montana-to-Rice. The Illini signal caller threw for 393 yards and three TD’s (all to Jenkins). A.J. Jenkins torched the Northwestern secondary for 268 (WTF?) yards and three touchdowns.


I still hold to this day that this performance singlehandedly got Jenkins drafted; it constituted 23% of his entire yardage haul last year. 23%?!

/Double-checks his math

/Steps away from computer

/Violently vomits

Ok, I’m back. Persa finished 10/14 with 4 TD and 123 yards before removing himself due to injury. If you want to relive the horror, here’s the game recap.

2010: Wrigley Field

Let’s start with the positives, shall we? College Gameday was there. The atmosphere was electric. They painted the marquee purple! This was a big deal. A lot of buzz for the Northwestern football program. Also it was my senior year. Senior year was a good year for Roche.

Wrigley Gettin’ Purple’d Out (AP Images)

But then the game started. Dan Persa’s Junior season had ended the week before against Iowa with an Achilles injury. Mike Trumpy broke his hand during the game. Evan Watkins wasn’t yet taking his talents to the superback position. Mikel Leshoure happened. 33 carries, 330 yards (speaking of games that get players singlehandedly drafted). I’m going to stop doing this to myself. 48-27, Illini win. For the masochists out there, here’s the game recap.

2009: In Which Northwestern Almost Squanders an 18 Point 4th Quarter Lead

The week before the Wisconsin win that sent us to the Outback Bowl and the week after handing jIowa its first loss in Iowa City, the ‘Cats went south. Illinois was having a rough go of things, and Northwestern was surging after suffering early season losses against Syracuse and Minnesota. Here’s what I remember mostly about this game: it wasn’t on TV. I had to watch it on ESPN3. Back in 2009, the program wasn’t close to what it was now. It was choppy. I can’t imagine this game not being televised on at least BTN ever again. So dry your years, 2009 Roche, HD will be forever in your future. Mike Kafka (new Steelers backup?) threw for 307/1 TD, and both he and Arby Fields (throwback!) rushed for a touchdown as well. After opening up an insurmountable a 21-3 lead in the 4th, the #B1GCats saw the lead evaporate before intercepting the Illini late in the 4th to seal the victory. Game Recap? Game Recap

2008: In Which the ‘Cats Doesn’t Squander a 17 Point 4th Quarter Lead

The last time the ‘Cats got to 9 wins was the 2008 season. CJ Bacher led Northwestern to a 27-10 win on Senior Day. He threw for 230 yards and 2 TD, Stephen Simmons added another on the ground and Amado Villarreal contributed two FG’s. The Illini came in at 5-6 and were a far cry from the team that made it to the Rose Bowl the year before. Not having Rashard Mendenhall will do that to you. Illinois pulled within 6 points on a 4th quarter Matt Eller FG, but the ‘Cats answered immediately, and the game was pretty much over after that Eric Peterman TD. Game recap is here.

Saturday’s Bowl Implications – Go Gata

It is generally accepted that the winner of NU @ MSU will be heading to the Gator Bowl and the loser will be eating Buffalo Wild Wings in late December. Things could get dicey if Michigan beats OSU next week, but lets not get ahead of ourselves…

The Gator Bowl, however, still claims that nothing is set in stone yet!

Our very own Roger Rankin is predicting Vandy to represent the SEC in the Gator Bowl, which could make things that much more interesting. Regardless of the opponent, I think we’re all hoping for a Jan 1 bowling date and a chance for the ‘Cats to get the infamous monkey off of their back. To keep our thoughts in Florida (#CatsToFlordia) we post this video! Tim Tivo, Percy Harvey, and Irving Meyers would be proud.