Top 5 Best Renditions of “Go U Northwestern”


As we get closer and closer to gameday, we are ramping up our posting for the 2016 season. Our excitement is growing, and I’m sure yours is too, so in order to feed the excitement we are going through the top 5 non-traditional “Go U Northwestern” renditions. Hope you enjoy! Go ‘Cats!

#5 – Dell Lampe

Pretty neat piece of history, here. Also has a “forgotten” intro which is pretty cool.

#4 – Casablanca Overdub

So the actual rendition here is pretty bad, but the video and setup is amazing.

#3 – The Remix

Shoutout to P-Holla. Super hot remix, but the intro is a little long IMHO which is what kept this one from creeping higher on this list.

#2 – 8-Bit Version

Created for the centennial of the fight song itself, this version has won the hearts of all NES/SNES gamers.

#1 – Piano Cover

Just a super awesome transcription by one of our favorite readers, Marcel. Thanks for reading!