Thursday Pump Up Jam – Iowa

September has sucked for the ‘Cats. Wake us up on Saturday when it ends. We should’ve just gone to bed on 9/1 and waited until this Saturday.  Maybe things will change. Probably not though. #ThanksMick

“Don’t ever leave me!!” -Fitz to Mick (probably)


Thursday Pump Up Jam – Michigan

While The Big House is probably not as intimidating as The Shoe or The Swamp, it does provide a legitimate home field advantage with ~110,000 losers screaming for more wine and cheese. Clayton and the offense will be playing in their first truly hostile environment this season. But, rest assured, the Sky Team knows what to do here. Let’s follow them into the jungle.

Go ‘Cats!

Thursday Pump Up Jam – Minnesota

What else can I say but Go ‘Cats!? We’re not quite sure what caliber of team we have on our hands here this season, but we’re all hoping for the best and bracing for the worst. It’s hard to make an analogy about the game when we have no idea what it will look like (since it’s been impossible to tell what kind of team Minnesota is either). So instead, we just choose to pump ourselves up with a rendition of “Go U Northwestern” as performed by Marcel Talangbayan (one of our loyal readers)!

Go ‘Cats!