Thursday Pump Up Jam – Sing Hallelujah

We made it out alive from West Lafayette. It wasn’t a pretty, but a win is a win. We’re still own the longest Power 5 win streak and are atop the B1G West. SING HALLELUJAH!

See you bright and early Saturday in the #WestLot.


“Thursday” Pump Up Jam – Purdue

It’s one day until gameday. The ‘Cats are undefeated (yes, 0-0) and hold the longest win streak of any Power Five team. This has to be the year.

Okay, okay. Yes, the schedule is tough this year. Yes, we lost our all-time leading rusher to the NFL. But come on… if you can’t dream big now, when can you? We’ve got nothing else on our mind than a Big Ten Title and a trip to Pasadena. Dream with us and enjoy this week’s pump up jam: California Dreamin’.

Thursday Pump Up Jam – Michigan

While The Big House is probably not as intimidating as The Shoe or The Swamp, it does provide a legitimate home field advantage with ~110,000 losers screaming for more wine and cheese. Clayton and the offense will be playing in their first truly hostile environment this season. But, rest assured, the Sky Team knows what to do here. Let’s follow them into the jungle.

Go ‘Cats!